About us


Canadian wilderness survival was created to give people info and tips on anything we've learned about survival. Every day we see people getting lost in the woods and perishing because they don't have the basic skills to survival. We will be showing you the skills that you can use for free. Today everyone wants to sell you something, they will show you these skills but for a price! Which may be anywhere from 100 dollars to thousands of dollars, This inhibits the common person from being able to get the skills they need and only the idle rich can get them which most never leave the comfort of a hotel.

We will be bringing you reviews of products over time and we will advise you what's the best is and what is to be avoided. We will also be bringing you how to videos and reviews to show how to do thing because it's one thing to be told how to do something but it's easier to see it being done to learn.

All we ask at C.W.S is if you learn something, you make a small contribution to our site so we can keep bring you great survival knowledge.

JamesKearns Founder,