How To Ranger Beads JK

How to Ranger BeadsRanger beads are use by military to keep track of just about anything you need to count. They're also called pace counters because they are used to count off walking paces. They work like this, you have 4 beads on top which act as 10 or 100 or even 1000 depending on what your counting.

Under that you have 9 more which count as 1's. you use them counting 1 through 9 on the bottom beads than when you get to 10 you drop them all down and move one of the upper beads to mark 10 and so on!
In this how to I will show you how to make one which is pretty much strait forward.
How to Ranger Beads1. I stated with 5 feet of paracord with the inside cords pulled out
Next you want to fold the cord over so that you have 2 lengths which are two and half feet long each.
2. Now you what to start in the middle or top of the fold where the loop is and this is where you can get as simple or fancy as you like I have done Lanyard knots in mind and you can see how to do them here!! But you can make it just with knots it's up to you!

How to Ranger Beads3. You want to make a knot just below about 2 to 3 inches depending on how large of a attachment loop you want.




How to Ranger Beads4. When it comes to sliding on the beads its very simple if you're just using knots, than you can put all the beads on at the same time. but if you're going to do lanyard knots like I did you need to do the sections one at a time starting with the set of 4.

5. After you make your look for attaching your Ranger beads you want to make the first knot or lanyard knot. This will serve as a stopper keeping the beads from pulling off the top.

How to Ranger Beads6. Now you take both open ends of the paracord and melt them together making sure to keep it small enough to fit through the bead your using.

7. Next you want to take one of the strains from the inside and use it to thread the beads on to the paracord like in the photo!


How to Ranger Beads8. After threading 4 beads on you want to make your next knot or lanyard knot about 2 inches or so below the beads, when they are pulled all the way up. This will give you some play so that the beads can be moved up and down when counting.



How to Ranger Beads9. Now you want to repeat step 6 and 7 using 9 beads




How to Ranger Beads10. Now after the beads are threaded on you want to make your last knot or lanyard knot I did three here for a little flare but you can do whatever you like.




How to Ranger Beads11. Now you're basically done, all you have to do is trim and burn the ends of the paracord with a lighter so they will not fray and enjoy!






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