White Birch Bark Tree

White Birch Bark TreeThe white birch or paper birch is one of the most useful in the woods, all birch trees are useful this one is white, and is used for everything from paper to canoes, bowls, cups and even kids sleds as well as many other items. The bark can be harvested in sheets (which can be tricky the smaller or older the tree). The most important things about birch trees is they are very flammable Which makes them ideal for tinder and making fires.

This tree can also be tapped for sap in the spring, but its best to use Sweet Birch for better quality! Also one should remember that taking large amounts of bark from one tree can kill the tree, so you should only try and take small amounts or use the whole tree. You can strip off outer layers or its best to find a dead tree where the bark will come off very easy and most likely will have more oils in them so they burn better and will also be thicker because you can pull the bark off in one thick sheet!