How To Make Ranger Bands For Free

How To Make Ranger Bands For FreeIf you know anything about soldiers and the military you know that its never like it is in the movies, 90% of the time they don't have cool gear to use and more times then not they have to use what is on the ground at the time, so even the best laid plans can go wrong leaving you with little or no gear or with the gear that is useless for the task you need to do! So they improvise same as a good outdoors person does. You use the tools and supplies you have on hand to get the job done!

How To Make Ranger Bands For FreeSo when I seen that they were selling things called Soldiers Bands for $10 to $15 dollars I had to do my best to show people the truth I've learned, that you don't have to buy them you can make them super cheap and this is the origins for your Ranger bands!


How To Make Ranger Bands For FreeSoldiers Bands are used basically as large elastic bands to secure gear to packs and webbing i.e. (shoulder straps and belts) I learned how to make these about 15 years ago but never got around to doing an article showing how to do it till now!


How To Make Ranger Bands For FreeNow here is how you make them, you will need one rubber tube from a bike shop, I got two from the guys at Alternatives bike shop in saint john New Brunswick and special thanks to them for the free supply's! You can buy one for less than 3 dollars or you can go to a bike shop and pick up one probably for free with a hole in it, or you may even have one like this laying around, after all most bike shops throw them away so you're also saving the environment at the same time by reusing waist and this is one of the most important parts about this lesson a good survivalist sees usefulness even in the most useless!

How To Make Ranger Bands For FreeDepending on how large a diameter you need for a ranger band, use a wider tire tube or smaller all you do is cut the tube into one inch lengths or whatever size you want them to be (i.e. width of the ranger band) That's how you make them and how you don't have to spend $15 bucks to get something very useful you can make them nearly for nothing Saving you money!I know for some this is a well known project but I wanted to make this to let everyone know who dosn't.

As you can see from the photo it takes literally seconds to make a ton of ranger bands, just take the tube and start cutting it into sections as needed! You can get a great deal of Ranger bands from one tube and in most cases one Mountain bike tube will make all you will need!

How To Make Ranger Bands For FreeUses for these bands are vast you can use them for attaching gear, but they are also great for attaching stuff like firesteels and small survival items to your sheath as you can see in the photos I did to my BHK tiger knife, and the uses don't stop there, because they are made from rubber one of the best burning and quickest lighting materials which will burn very hot and are great for making fires. They're also great in this aspect because rubber doesn't retain water and even when soaked it will still burn so having some in your kit is always useful! And having kit made from this like I did for the sheath you don't have to carry tinder you have it right there, all you do is cut a piece off and this will save you weight If your trying to go ultra light!

As a closing note, like in this article you can make these using very little tools like a knife or if you want to be fancy you can use the scissors from your leatherman to make neater cuts! This is something I like to point out when I do any project where it can be made with just the tools you would have on hand in the woods, so you know that you too can macgyver it in the field as well if you should need to!