Fishing Trap

fishtrap2Here is a couple of simple Fish traps used for fish the premise is simple, they work just like a lobster trap. The first one is a single trap opening which you can dam up a stream and funnel fish into it or you can place a rock into the inside with the bait and sink it into a lake or stream and come back and check it every few hours to get your catch.

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Primitive Mace

mase stick with rockHere is a primitive Mace you can make with just a rock that has been chipped away all the way around to accommodate a piece of paracord, or string that has been wrapped around the rock then attached to a short piece of wood

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AtlatlThe Atlatl is one of my favorite primitive weapons easy to make and with a little practice it can be quite lethal. The Atlatl has been around longer than most native people and to this day is still used to hunt. This hunting tool is made of

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Fishing Spear

Fish Spear headWhen it comes to fishing with a spear it's all but futile if you only have very small fish. I have found its best to use a spear on fish 7 inches and up because let's face it there not much too hit in the water if they are any smaller. This diagram is of the basic fish spear you can mod it as needed like more

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HOBO Fishing Kit

Hobo what you needThe hobo fishing tool has been around for a very long time and in most cases you can make one from trash your find. The things you will need in order to make one are Hooks, Line, a pop can or bottle, some tape preferred duct tape, and lastly bait.

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Primitive Garotte

garotteThis thing is not what everyone may use in a survival saturation, but I have made them in the past for fun and you never know what you may find yourself in need of and survival is not just about finding something to eat, maybe its about surviving an attacker

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Simple Throwing Sticks

Sharpen stick weapons1. In the first diagram is of a tool I have used to hunt with and have had luck getting rabbits. All this tool is a stick people call it a throwing stick but it's simply a stick around a inch to 3 inches thick depending on what you hunting for and around a foot or little

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