Simple Throwing Sticks

Sharpen stick weapons1. In the first diagram is of a tool I have used to hunt with and have had luck getting rabbits. All this tool is a stick people call it a throwing stick but it's simply a stick around a inch to 3 inches thick depending on what you hunting for and around a foot or little

more long that has been sharpened to a point on each end with a rock or knife. If you not sure how to use it it's simple you throw it spinning it when you throw is good and that's how I used it to get rabbits but it can be thrown like a knife as well.

2. The second throwing weapon is a spear similar to 1. But longer I prefer to sharpen both ends this way if you should miss and blunt the point you can flip the tool and get another chance before the game gets away.

3. The third one is similar to the first one only doubled up with a notch in one stick so they will fit together then you use twine or rope or even grass or bark that you have made into twine to secure them together. This one is a better design because it doubles you chances of getting a hit but takes a little longer to make. How you use it is simple you throw it like a ninja star at what you trying to hit kinda like a your throwing a baseball or axe.