Primitive Garotte

garotteThis thing is not what everyone may use in a survival saturation, but I have made them in the past for fun and you never know what you may find yourself in need of and survival is not just about finding something to eat, maybe its about surviving an attacker

or maybe you may find yourself in the need to make a improvised weapon and this is one of the easiest ones to make!

Now let's get to what it is this little thing is called a Garotte they have been used all threw time and are primary used as a choking weapon, designed to render a person unconscious. In World War II they were made form two pieces of steel and a wire usually made of piano wire or surgical wire. The World War II one was made to not just choke but to take your head off! All of these weapons can easily kill, so it's not recommended to use them unless you find yourself in a life or death situation, where your fighting for your life! And I take no responsibility for some dumb-ass making one of these and using it on someone. You have been warned this is a weapon that can kill and if you're caught with one on the street you could go to jail, this diagram is only for educational purpose only.