HOBO Fishing Kit

Hobo what you needThe hobo fishing tool has been around for a very long time and in most cases you can make one from trash your find. The things you will need in order to make one are Hooks, Line, a pop can or bottle, some tape preferred duct tape, and lastly bait.

Hobo Storeing I've drawn up these little diagrams to give you some idea what it looks like and how it's put together. You want to take the line loop it at one end, put the tape threw the loop than attach it to your can or it can be tied around the tab. Next the hook goes on the other end and the line is wound around the can similar to how a reel is on a fishing reel. The can or I found the new coke bottles work well too with their smooth concave near the bottom which has a hourglass look to it, it works very well for a reel. Finely you


HOBO line taped to canAttach the paracord to the tab on the can or to the can its self with duct tape and this part goes around your wrist just in case you lose your hold, it's not going anywhere.

Using the Hobo fishing kit is very simple, all you do is place the paracord around your wrist then use the



hobo how to usecan like a real and allowing it to spool out the line as you use your arm like a rod, if you have ever played Nintendo WII bowling you know just how this is done in an under hand throw just like bowling!