Fishing Spear

Fish Spear headWhen it comes to fishing with a spear it's all but futile if you only have very small fish. I have found its best to use a spear on fish 7 inches and up because let's face it there not much too hit in the water if they are any smaller. This diagram is of the basic fish spear you can mod it as needed like more

Fish Spearprongs or it can scaled down and even used as a arrow in a bow. What you want is a spear that has had three or more prongs tided to the end preferred with sharp points on the inside of the three prongs you can do one point on each as I did here or you can put many. Many are best because this is used to hold the fish in place. You're more likely to get a fish trapped in the prongs with lots of spines on the inside then you are to spear threw one.

The second diagram is of the head I have found to be the most productive but it needs to be scaled to fit the size of fish you hunting for or you can make many spikes to compensate. This design not only spears but it will snag and hold the fish till you get it on land to dispatch it