AtlatlThe Atlatl is one of my favorite primitive weapons easy to make and with a little practice it can be quite lethal. The Atlatl has been around longer than most native people and to this day is still used to hunt. This hunting tool is made of

apart atlatltwo parts the launcher and what looks too many as a cross between a spear and an arrow. The launcher is made of a carved stick if you want to get fancy but I have seen them made with just a tree branch and this is what makes the tool so great you can make one in very little time. The launcher is made to add power to the arrow when it's being thrown. I often say it's like an extinction of your arm and gives you that added power behind the arrow to make it more effective.

The arrow sits on top of the launcher with the tail against the top point some people make the arrow tail just like an arrow but I have even seen it with just a dimple like a belly button that the ball of the point sits in. You use the tool by holding both the launcher and arrow in your hand with the top point sitting behind the arrow and you use the same motion as you do for throwing releasing the arrow well still holding on to the launcher and this takes a little practice well it did me when I made one many years ago but when you become good with it you can use this tool to hunt game or even to play around with its great fun and easy to make and I hope my diagram helps you out with making your own!

When it comes to hunting with the Altalt, after the arrow is thrown you can then use the launcher as a club if you need to!