Fishing Trap

fishtrap2Here is a couple of simple Fish traps used for fish the premise is simple, they work just like a lobster trap. The first one is a single trap opening which you can dam up a stream and funnel fish into it or you can place a rock into the inside with the bait and sink it into a lake or stream and come back and check it every few hours to get your catch.

These traps are simple to make only takes a little work and time. For the double trap you make 4 hoops or as many as you need to make it secure then attach branches around the outside of the hoops till you have a tub like design make sure to place the sticks and hoops on the outside close together so fish can't get out and secure them with twine or any other rope you have.

fishtrap1Next step is to make the ends they are made with two hoops or as many as you think you need to make it secure so no fish can get out and put together like a funnel one small hoop at one end and a large hoop at the other which is the same size as the ones you used to make the pipe part.

You want to try to get the small opening in the middle of the trap so fish can't find their way out they will just swim from one side to the other unable to find the opening where they came in this design is used in a lot of them Mino traps you buy in the stores to catch bait but with a little time you can make one for free.

Once you have completed the parts you will place them with small end in the main pipe part then stitch around the hoops with twine to make them secure so that they will not fall out or fish will not get out. You want to leave one so that you can unstitch it to get the fish out or change bait.

I hope this little how to helps you and if I forgot anything or you have any points you would like to add please email us and I will have them added thanks guys for checking this out!