Otterbox 3250 Review

Otterbox 3250 ReviewOne thing I thought when I first seen these boxes was the fact that they were a great price almost half the price of other companies boxes. But my second thought was if there have the price are they half the quality. So thanks to Otterbox we got some in for a review and I was blown away at the quality of these little boxes every bit as good as the ones you pay twice the money.

Exterior Dimensions:
8.813" x 5.175" x 3.082"

Interior Dimensions:
7.587" x 3.648" x 2.226"

Otterbox 3250 ReviewWith their tight locking snaps they keep everything nice and dry and with the foam they are kept safe from all the little bangs that we all do in our travels. The Otterbox 3250 as well as all Otterbox products have a durable rubber seal that keeps water out unlike other cheap boxes without this seal there is no seal and they will leak.



Otterbox 3250 ReviewOtterbox 3250 ReviewThe Otterbox 3250 after playing with it for awhile. I found that it was a great box for my Sony play station portable and my JBL travel speakers. The box holds them both safe and secure without any trouble and even allows some room for wires and other thing you may need.




Otterbox 3250 ReviewWhen I first bought my psp I was worried that this little thing although it's great for entertainment when camping would not hold up to a big hit. But now that I have the Otterbox 3250 I have no worries about taking my electronics camping, traveling or to the beach because I know when I get there everything will be in working order.



Otterbox 3250 ReviewI have found these little cases great for all my small electronics and we have a lot of them. If you're like me and you're hard on gear theses are a must. Allowing you to be hard on your gear without any crying when you get to your site and find it's in pieces. Now that I got the Otterbox I am taking it everywhere with me and it has become a fixture in my camping kit. Water proof to 100 feet, crush proof, dust proof well all I can say if you looking for a box for your small electronic you would be a fool not to pick up some of these boxes up at
There great prices and quality make them a must have item!