Otterbox 3510 Review

Otterbox ReviewThe second Otterbox we are going to review is the 3510 similar to the 3250 but a little bigger and with the new pick N pluck foam. This Otterbox has the same great look and features of the other only in yellow with it's

Otterbox ReviewOtterbox Reviewsize being a little larger you can put a sony psp in it vertical leaving a lot more room of other items. In this one we have the sony psp along with my sony camera and as you can see from the photo there is lots of room for more items like cell phones and accessories
One feature I love about this box is that it comes with a great foam insert that can be customized to fit any item all of the foam is perforated with cut so you can just rip out the part you don't want so it will fit your items.


Exterior Dimensions:
8.813" x 5.175" x 4.179"

Interior Dimensions:
7.549" x 3.606" x 3.326"

Otterbox ReviewOtterbox ReviewThe Otterbox 3510 is great with or without the foam without the foam you can fit a lot more small items in there like your wallet, watch, money, car keys, camera and any other items you don't want to get lost when you're at the beach.




Otterbox ReviewOtterbox ReviewA neat little thing I have found about the Otterbox line is that you can take them fishing with you and use them as a little boat and tow the box behind you when you're fishing allowing you to carry gear in them and not have to carry it at all just let it float beside you till it's needed.
These cases have so many uses that I have only one wish that I had more of them. You can use the box for a survival kit and just throw it in the car or boat the possibility are endless and to top it all off they come in great colors for everyone. So the bottom line is these boxes are not to be passed up check them out and try them and the only down side you will find is the fact you don't have more of them!

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