Maxpedition Travel Tray Review

maxpedition tactical travel trayI picked up this little item a while ago now and have been using it nearly every day. Maxpedition has designed this tray so it could be used as an organizer when you're traveling to have alongside your bed as a tray to hold your cell phone's key things you may need in a hurry but its uses don't stop there.

maxpedition tactical travel trayI have found the tray very useful when doing work on computers or taking apart and repairing gear in the field. If you ever have to take anything apart when you're out at a campsite you know what kind of nightmare it is if you drop any of the small springs or screws. This little tray saves you hours of time you would spend looking for small pieces of gear that you dropped by mistake when repairing and maintaining your kit.

The tray is designed so that it can be folded flat or using the small snaps on each corner can be fastened in an upward position to make a bowl like tray with three pockets that allow you to keep track of all the small screws and springs when you working on your rifle or clean your knives when you're out in the woods or traveling. On the back of the tray there is nonslip rubber material that keeps the train in place on slippery surfaces because what's the point in a tray if its sliding everywhere.

maxpedition tactical travel trayAt the center of the tray there is an elastic retainer that can be used to hold large items like screwdrivers and tools to keep them from moving around and rolling away. The material on the inside of the mat is like Velcro and you can attach items that have a Velcro backing like badges and that is one of the other uses for the mat as a patch holder to keep track of name tag and patches till they are ready to be used. Although the tray is a simple item after you've been using it for a while you will find it indispensable and after all it's very small and can be slid into any pack without taking up any space or weight so it's ideal for traveling.


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