London Bridge Tactical Go Bag Review

London Bridge Tactical Go BagI received this go bag from LB T. London Bridge tactical company is the maker of many high-quality tactical gear products used by law enforcement and the military. But when I seen this tactical go bag I had to do a review on it. They have designed a small Go bag that is like none I have seen before this bag on the inside of the cover is a built in map case this is a feature I've not seen in any other go bag but is one of my favorite features of this piece of kit.

London Bridge Tactical Go BagThis small Gp bag would be ideally used as a bug out bag or scout bag. The bag is primarily designed as an escape and evasion or a bug out bag. The features of the bag is two 9 mm holsters along with three double 5.56 NATO magazine carriers on the interior of the bag there is a full sleeve like pocket that is completely covered on the inside with Velcro. This little sleeve London Bridge Tactical Go Bagwill allow you to mount any of your Velcro holster carriers or any other items that you have such as extra magazine carriers or just about any item that has Velcro on the back. Other features of the interior is multiple elastic carrier that can be used to hold pens knife sharpener's or any other small finger size pieces of kit you need to carry.





London Bridge Tactical Go BagThe inside area of this bag is 400 in.2 but the bag from the outside looks far smaller than it really is I can easily fit quite a bit of kit in this small bag.




London Bridge Tactical Go BagNow on the back of the bag there is a waist strap that can be used to wrap around the body so the bag can be carried securely like a messenger bag. But when not in use this strap is hidden by a small pouch and securely fastened at both ends by Velcro. Just above this are to Velcro belt loops that can fit around any military belt or through MOLLE gear. These small belt loops I found to be ideal for carrying my SOG Tomahawk one loop can be securely put through the belt loop on the back London Bridge Tactical Go Bagof the sheath for the Tomahawk and the other one is wrapped around its handle these loops hold the axe very secure and there's no need to worry whether or not it's going to come off in fact it holds the axe so well that I use the axe handle as a carrying handle for the bag.



London Bridge Tactical Go BagLondon Bridge Tactical Go BagOn the other side there is a small pouch pocket that could be used easily for a PDA or any small electronics you may have like a Frs radio. On the top of the bag underneath the map pouch there is a small opening that is adjustable to full open or partially open the small opening can be used for a water bladder hose or headphones this allows you to keep your electronic securely inside the pack while still being able to use the headphones without any problem.

London Bridge Tactical Go BagI've been using this bag for a while now as a scout bag and I can say with full confidence that it is probably of all the bags I own and one of my my favorites, it's well though out and has everything you need to carry your daily gear not to mention that most of it is concealed so no one will even know you're carrying it.


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