London Bridge Tactical Molle Utility Pouch Review

london bridge molle utility pouchlong with the great go bag we review by London Bridge trading we also received this pouch .The pouch was all that I hoped it would be and more it fit the waist belt on my Eberlestock perfectly allowing me to use it as a utility pouch for gloves or lights and small items .But one thing about buying utility pouches is they're designed to be used in many ways so it could be use as a small medic pouch or for any quick access items you need.

london bridge molle utility pouchlondon bridge molle utility pouchThe pouch is made of the standard high quality 1000-d and very thick elastic and strapping which is very durable and will last the average person many years. On the inside of the pouch there are 4 elastic dividers that are just the right size for compact binoculars or field dressing and tools. The best feature I found on this little pouch is the attachments they have made for it on the back. They are designed so you don't need any additional items to strap it to your gear.

london bridge molle utility pouchlondon bridge molle utility pouchOn the pack they have sown 4 very nice straps that clip to the pouch with snaps but some people have found that other pouches when the snaps comes off the strap will just slip out but not with this pouch! They have incorporated small piece of plastic that looks simpler to malice clips which act to keep the straps rigid so even if you manage to unclip them the pouch isn't going anywhere the hard rigid plastic will keep the strap from working its way out this is definitely a great but small feature that makes a huge difference.

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