Maxpedition FR1 Pouch Review

Maxpedition FR1 PouchThe maxpedition Fr 1 pouch makes a great utility pouch as well as it's indented purpose, which is as a medic pouch. The fr1 is far better than other medic or blow out pouches I have looked at for this. Most medic pouches these days only have one large pocket, but I needed something that was more organizational than just one pouch that's why I went with the FR1.

Main: 7" x 5" x 3" with full zipper opening
Shoulder strap (Optional accessory) : Equipped with D-rings for shoulder strap

Modular webbing (sides): 2 rows, 1 channel
Modular webbing (front): 2 rows, 2 x 2.5" wide channels
Carry handle: Yes

Maxpedition FR1 PouchThe maxpedition FR1 has both a zipper pouch and sleeve, As well as elastic straps down both sides that can be used for a wide range of holders for tools as well as medic supplies. When the FR1 is opened it forms what's called a clamshell design allowing you to access all the gear without having to dig. This way it's all laid out for you and easy to see in an emergency.

On the inside of the pack you will also find a piece of paracord that acts like a training strap that you can adjust so the pack doesn't flop open dumping your gear out when you unzip it. The FR1 also comes with some cool features on the outside like, MOLLE webbing, a full patch of Velcro so that you can easily attach name tapes, insignias for a medic kit or even allergy patches.


Maxpedition FR1 PouchThe Modular webbing on the back allows you to attach this pouch to any MOLLE or pals compatible webbing on a backpack or belt system. The FR1 is so useful even if you find out down the road you want something bigger for a medic pouch the FR1 can easily be turned into a tool pouch or even a standalone survival kit. The pouch has two D-rings one on each side that allow it to be carried like a shoulder bag but you will have to buy the strap separate but Maxpedition does sell them too!

I would recommend this pouch for anyone who is like me that wants something that is very useful but not tied into one kind of pouch, so down the road you can use it for anything!



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