Spec-Ops Brand Combat Master Sheath Review

Spec-Ops Brand Combat Master SheathThe spec ops brand sheaths are by far one of the best sheaths on the market. I know people who have about 10 of these sheaths and never seen anyone have a problem with them. The spec ops brand sheaths come in two sizes short which will fit blades up to 6 inches and the long which will fit blades up to 8 inches the one in this review is the long coyote brown and fits my seal 2000 like a glove.

Fully adjustable utility / tool pouch
"550-cord" tie-down and leg-loop rigging.
Unique "MULTI-FIT" KYDEX liner
Tie-down loops on underside.
Extra durability with double-layered 1000D Cordura® fabric used throughout.
Mil-spec. Grommet tie-downs along sides of sheath body.
Colors Tan, foliage green, Black, Coyote Brown, Olive
Backed by Spec.-Ops. Brand's unique lifetime guarantee

Spec-Ops Brand Combat Master SheathThe spec ops sheaths has many options for mounting that makes this the best sheaths I have seen .On the back of the sheath there is a full length molle loop strip. The sheaths also has a tie downs on both sides threaded with 550 paracord which can be threaded throw any molle or pal system for easy mounting and can also be used for trapping and many other applications in a survival situations.

Spec-Ops Brand Combat Master SheathOne feature I really like about the spec ops sheath line is the split loop design that you will only find on the spec ops brand sheaths. This split loop design can be unbuttoned so you can place the sheath on your belt without have to take your belt off which if you every used knives you have found this to be a pain.



Spec-Ops Brand Combat Master SheathBoth the knife handle tie down and the split loop have Velcro on the inside of both so they can be adjusted to the proper fit making this sheath jump ready. For those who don't know what jump ready means it's a term used that means that this sheath is really for sky diving out of planes because of the fact you hit the ground fast and hard most knives will fall out of sheaths that are not jump ready and also means with this sheath it will take quite a lot to lose your knife by having it fall out of the sheath.

Spec-Ops Brand Combat Master SheathNow for the pouch on the front this pouch is great to house your multi tool or a flashlight and just about anything that will fit in it. The sheath has a full length plastic liner that can be removed for easy cleaning and is held in the sheath with a screw so you don't have to worry about pulling it out when you take the knife out.


Picture 014Spec-Ops Brand Combat Master SheathBottom line is this knife sheath comes highly recommended by us and is the best knife sheath I have seen for people who don't like the kydex sheaths and want a high quality alternative for there favorite blade!


spec ops logoTo check out or buy these sheaths go to www.specopsbrand.com