Pantac Satcom Bag Review

Pantac Satcom BagSatcom bags have been around for awhile but recently they have emerged as very nice go bag. The bag is designed to house the Military Portable Satellite Comms Antenna but like most Military gear they are easily use for a lot more.

Pantac Satcom BagAs a go bag they are great small compact and the design allows you to sling it over your back but in a flash whip it around and access the gear in side.




Pantac Satcom BagThe inside of the main compartment is design with one large interior pocket with a sleeve that can be used for a water bladder. The zipper for the main compartment is on the back side of the bag the part that faces you back when you're wearing it unlike most backpack that have a zipper that can be opened from the top front. Why this is something to talk about is that you can only open it when you take it off or tip it over so it makes a great bag for traveling because no one can sneak stuff into or out of the main pocket of your bag without you knowing about it.

Pantac Satcom BagPantac Satcom BagThis bag even thought it looks small and unassuming it has a lot more space than one would think the main compartment can easy house a broken down AR15 or as a bag for what I use it for and that is a takedown long bow. My bow and accessories fit perfectly in the bag only thing that is need is a pouch on the side of the bag for your arrows. But the bag easily holds everything you need for a day of hunting.

Pantac Satcom BagPantac Satcom BagOn both sides of the bag there is Pal Webbing so you can attach pouches and gear as needed as well as each side has a full length zipper pouch which is great for small long thin items like maps. The carrying strap has pals on it as well so you can attach a phone holder or knife for easy access. On the back of the bag there are 3 pockets for gear like arrow heads food, gloves and all them quick need items.

Pantac Satcom BagPantac Satcom BagAt both the top and bottom of the bag are drag straps and the one at the bottom is Velcroed up so you don't have to worry about catching it on everything.




Pantac Satcom BagOne of the things that I noticed with these bags from PANTAC is that they are VERY well built I have reviewed a number of bags like these and I would have to say these are the best I have used to date. The materials are top notch and the stitching is phenomenal every piece is double and triple stitched and you really feel like the bag can take anything!


Pantac Satcom BagThis bag can be found in Multicam for around $89 bucks Canadian which if you have ever been looking at the prices of this type of gear you know this is one incredible buy especially with the quality you are getting in these bags! The bottom line is I would not hastate to go out and buy one of these bags I am extremely pleased with its quality and price!

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