Pantac Reporter Go Bag Review

Pantac Reporter Bag

This is a tactical bag like no other not only can this bag be used as a go bag but because it comes with a insert which is padded with very thick padding to protect your cameras and lens this insert is designed to house a SLR camera but because the insert has dividers in it which can be reconfigured to just about any size or shape you can carry video cameras and many other electronics.

Pantac Reporter BagThe insert it total self contained like a pocket with a cover which is held closed by Velcro all you need to do to change it out is grab the insert and pull it and it will come out all in one piece and can be placed on a shelf and you can easily dump all your survival or go gear into it.


Pantac Reporter BagThe materials used in this bag are some of the best I have seen all stitching and fabric are the very best and I would have to say it's the best I have used. The bag is made 1000 Denier Cordura fabric which is the standard for mil-spec gear but the stitching is very detailed and secure.When it comes to money every one wants to save it and having a bag like this you can easily change out the configuration from a camera bag to a tactical go bag in less than 10 seconds does save you money not needing to buy two bags. This is one of the best features about this bag the quick way you can change it out so it can be easily used as a camera bag and in an emergency all you do is pull out the insert and it's a go bag!

Pantac Reporter BagPantac Reporter BagNow for the top of the bag there are two small zipper pockets one is the full size of the front which opens up a large front pocket and the other is a small pocket on top about the size for pens and houses my RAT izula perfectly. In the center of both of these zipper pockets is a zipper that allows you to unzip it and reach right into the bag without opening in which is idea for accessing your gun or any other items you need to get to it in a flash!On both sides of the bag there is Molle webbing which you can use to attach pouches and gear like I have. On the back of the bag there are two strips one is a small hand strap and the other is a shoulder strap with one of the best padded straps I have used. The shoulder strap can be totally removed and you can use the small hand strap for carryif you feel the need.


Pantac Reporter BagPantac Reporter BagPantac Reporter Go BagOnce the bag cover is opened you will find two large packets in front which are ideal for a Rite in the Rain Pad which fit perfectly. In one pocket there is a divider for pens and small items and in the other there is a zippered pocket with a clear cover so you can see the items that are in it without opening.


Pantac Reporter BagPantac Reporter BagThese pockets can be accessed without opening the bag when you unclip the cover there is a zipper which keep it closed so if you need to get into the pockets fast you don't have to worry about dumping the contents of the bag out which is outstanding!



Pantac Reporter BagThe inside of the main compartment it is very basic with a pocket on each side which are large enough to house a Nalgene bottle and on the front and back of the main compartment are large zippered pockets so you can house large items separate from everything else. The insert that goes in the bag can also hold small net books and laptops making these bags workhorses for field work. This is a very high quality bag with many change out abilities and even the zipper pulls are made from paracord in the mummy design so I feel this is a small thing but shows they put in that little extra to make this bag a must have!

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