S.O.E Medic Pouch Review

S.0.E Medic PouchThis medic pouch is a tear away pouch with very good organizational pockets other pouches I have used have the tear away but tend to be two big pockets which will hold your gear but when you pull one piece of gear out of the

S.0.E Medic Pouchpocket other gear tends to come with it. S.O.E has combined the best of both worlds a tear away pouch with a high quality organizer for all your medic supplies.

Why is this so important to have your gear secure and divided up? Well simply most times you use a pouch like this you tend to have only one hand free and being able to pull just want you need without spilling all your kit all over the ground is a big help specially when it comes to medic gear which needs to stay as sterile as possible.

S.0.E Medic PouchThe tear away style of pouch is without question one of the best pouches you can buy it allows you to mount this pouch to the inside of a car, truck a belt or pack and in a flash you can disengage it and take just the pouch to the scene where it's needed without have to drag the whole gear bag with you which saves you time and let's face it if you're using this pouch time may be of the essence!

S.0.E Medic PouchThis IFAK is designed so that you can just unbuckle the retaining strap, give it a pull and you're off with everything in the pouch that you need. The outside of the main pouch has a pocket were you can house your medic gloves or band-aids and on the back of the pouch between the Valcro and the pouch is a small pocket just the right size for your medic scissors giving you a built in sheath for them that can be accessed without opening the pouch which is great because that's one of the things I find you use the most for cutting away clothing and preparing bandages.

S.0.E Medic PouchWhen you open the pouch you will find one full length pocket that is half mesh so you can see what's in it before you open it with two large elastic loops that hold compression bandages perfectly. The other side has a number of elastic loops for all your different pieces of gear as well as a half length pockets which can be used for things like bandages and band-aids as well as a small pocket which looks like it's just the right size for a small bottle of hand sanitizer. The pouch looks small at first but I was able to fit all the medic supplies I feel the need to carry so I was quite pleased.

S.0.E Medic PouchThe quality of the IFAK is standard for milspec gear with 1000 Denier Cordura but what I feel the need to point out is this pouch Is far more well constructed then the maxpedition pouches I have used the stitching is far superior and the attention to detail is nothing short of perfection!

One more thing I would like to point out is even though this pouch is designed for a medic pouch it would make an ideal survival kit pouch so it's all about how you would like to use it!

S.0.E Medic PouchThe Tear-Off IFAK from Original S.O.E comes in all the colors you may want they carry all the main camouflages and colors used by law enforcement and military so you can get these pouches to match your kit and let's face it whether you want to admit it or not we like our gear to match haha!



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