S.O.E MultiTool Pouch Review

Multi-Tool Pouch From S.O.E TacticalThis is the second product I had the chance to try out from S.O.E tactical this little pouch is great for your multi-tools and small knives S.O.E makes them in many different colors including multi-cam. These pouches come in just about any model you need from Pal, belt attach, fasttex,

and Velcro so no matter what you need you can get just the product you want!

Multi-Tool Pouch From S.O.E TacticalOne thing that needs to be pointed out is if you have a multi tool that is larger or weird shaped S.O.E tactical will customize your pouch to fit which not too make companies are doing these days.



Multi-Tool Pouch From S.O.E TacticalMulti-Tool Pouch From S.O.E TacticalThis pouch has a full adjustable top which can be adjusted to any size multi tool or knife you have. The S.O.E products are very well made with some of the best stitching I've seen, one thing I've found with some sheaths and pouches with Velcro is that they tend to feel like the Velcro is going to pull off when they've been used for awhile but the secure stitching in S.O.E tactical gear is excellent and I have no problem with their quality. In this day and age when companies are trying to save money and producing products that are lower quality, selling them to us at over inflated prices it's nice to see a company that is still making quality at a great price .

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