Explorer Case MUB 78 Review

Explorer Case MUB 78 ReviewReasonly I have been looking for a safe and security way to store and transport my gear. There are many companies who make transport cases but one that is large enough to hold a full kit are quite pricey and can run between $500 and $1000 bucks so after finding out that

Explorer Case MUB 78 ReviewI was kinda discouraged because that was way out of my price range. But then I found explorer case and the MUB or (Multi Utility Box) this is a large utility box that can be used as a truck box, tool box, or as I use it to store and transport equipment.



Explorer Case MUB 78 ReviewThe box is fairly large and holds around 78 liters well still being light enough so that it doesn't add any real weight to your kit. The cases also come in popular colors like Tan, Green and Black. Now I have to point out that the case is not totally "water PROOF" but extremely water resistant. I have put this kit out in the rain and snow for hours without a drop getting in and the only way I can see it taking on water is if your submerge it well damaging it. The case is very water tight and once you have put your gear in it and you have sealed and latched the lid I can't see any water getting in at all.

Explorer Case MUB 78 ReviewSome of the big selling points for me was that the case can be used like a foot locker and you can even get trays for the inside which will hold all your small items from moving with Velcro holders and this is a must when it comes to cases like this where they are going to be moving around all the time. The case its self has a very large handle on the side where one person can carry or two handles one on each end so two people can carry the box if it should be very heavy but my favorite thing about the case would have to be its wheels yes I said wheels you don't even have to carry the case if your don't want to all you do is pop out the top handle and the case can be rolled to its destination and this comes in handy when you're going through places like airports and large parking lots.

Explorer Case MUB 78 ReviewThe MUB cases are very stable when stacked each case interlocks threw little nubs on the top like LEGO ensuring that if you have kids running around or your stacking multiple cases there not going to fall down on anyone.

Another small thing that must be mentioned is the ID tag holder which allows you to fill it out then tuck it back into the slot and once the case is closed it makes it nearly impossible to get it out making identifying your case from others very easy now you can just put a tag on the box but if you have done any traveling you know that most tags never stay on and become more trouble then there're worth when they fall off so having a secure tag holder like this saves you from any identification problems.

Explorer Case MUB 78 ReviewYou can buy other cases like the Rubbermaid tough boxes but they are fair heavier not as water tight as the MUB and don't have wheels and will run you around the same price so when you factor in all that there is no choice the MUB wins out big time.

I have really given this case a once over testing out the hinges and all its points where it could break or crack and even leaving it out in the cold then bringing it in the house fast to see if the fluctuation in temperature would crack it but I have not been able to damage it in anyway which really impressed me!

One of the big selling point for this case is its price you can pick them up for around 200 bucks which if you have ever looked into storage cases this size the prices are very high and even thought they say the case is water resistant not water proof take it from me you're not going to get any water in it unless your throw the case out of a plane or something around these lines. For safe storage at a price you can afford there is no better I have seen yes the case is a little lighter than some storage cases and yes it's just water resistant but for the money it's the best.

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