Pantac Fatboy Review

Pantac Fatboy ReviewThis is a bag that many of us have seen before because they have become so popular over the past few years. I personally think that this is because of the fact that they look just like bags carried by outdoorsmen many years ago,

The only difference between them and this one is they were made of leather and this one is made of 1000 denier cordura the newer materials make the pack much lighter.

Pantac Fatboy ReviewThe fatboy is one shoulder bag I really like its funny when you start using it that the bag hugs your body so well that it feels like it's a part of you so you have any problem carrying it all day without any trouble. Now I know the bag looks small but this bag is far larger than it looks when I first got the bag I was wondering if it would be large enough to use as a fish bag or day bag but after stocking it with gear I found that the bag was far larger than I first thought.

Pantac Fatboy ReviewOn the back of the bag you will find padding to help prevent bumping and abrasion that comes from carrying a bag like this all day. When it comes to pouches you will find your share with this pack there is a cell phone pouch a hook on the outside for your keys which has a small sleeve just below it so you can tuck the keys in so there not banging around all day but still easily accessible. There is a large pocket on the cover with MOLLE and a small zipper pocket on the front of the lid along with a Velcro strip for your tags and patches.

Pantac Fatboy ReviewThe large interior pocket is quite large with a full cover that has a pull string to keep water out if you need to open it to access the front packets that are under the lid which are perfect for your Rite in The Rain writing pad. Behind this main compartment you will find a full size zipper slot that has Velcro so you can attach a pistol holder or any accessories you need to carry and my need to get to quickly.

Pantac Fatboy ReviewThe pantac version of the fatboy comes in not only tan, green, and black but also in ACU and Mulitcam so they have all the colors and what I like about it the most would have to be all the organizational pouches and slots for cameras, radios and even a pouch for a water bottle or Nalgene bottle. This small day pack or it could even be called a everyday carry pack has it all for one small price which come in around $100 bucks.


Pantac Fatboy ReviewThis little pack has a ton to offer if you looking for a day pack or even a pack for fly fishing and I'm sure you will really be pleased with all this pack has to offer for the small price and I would not hesitate to pick one up at all.



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