Stanley FUBAR Review

Stanley FUBAR ReviewThe FUBAR is one of the coolest tools I've ever use if MacGyver had a pry bar this would be it. Designed primarily as a demolition tool it makes an ideal tool for rescue and emergencies. The tool is designed so that it can be used in place of a number of tools like a hammer and wenches. On the top there is a hammerhead that can be use as the hammer. Gas shut off features that allow you to turn off and disabled gas lines and values.

Stanley FUBAR ReviewJust under the head of the pry bar is what's called a spanner wrench this wrench is designed to tighten hoses similar to fire hoses. On the back of the head there is a fire hydrant tool that allows you to open and close fire hydrants and similar nuts. But any number of the tool settings can be used to grip studs and just about anything you need to pry. At the other end of the tool is the primary prying end which has a hole designed so that you can place a Caribbean or so it can be attached to your belt or vehicle.

Stanley FUBAR ReviewThis would make an outstanding tool to keep in your home emergency kit or with your vehicle. I can't tell you how many times I have been in the woods and bent or damaged a part of a truck and had to pry it back with something so that we could get back home. Having a tool like this would have been excellent for such occasions.


Stanley FUBAR ReviewI wouldn't recommend the tool for any emergency kit that will be carried because the tool weighs quite a bit but that's what you want when it comes to demolition work and prying. You want something heavy enough to do the job. And when it comes to a pry bar you wanted it to be heavy enough to do a lot of the work for you when you swing it.


Stanley FUBAR ReviewThis tool replaces so many tools that I personally am going to add it to my home emergency kit because when something happens like a hurricane or a disaster I firmly believe that this fantastic piece of gear would be an absolute must have!




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