Scepter Gas & Water Cans Review

Scepter Gas & Water Cans ReviewWhen it comes to 4x4ing and spending time in the outdoors you will find yourself in the need of large quantities of water and gas whether it be for washing or keeping your trucks running. I have used many gas jugs from the very

old style metal ones that have been around since WWII to the plastic ones you find at your Canadian Tire but of all of the versions you can buy I have to recommend Scepter gas and water jugs .Why? Well there shape and design are far superior to other.

Physical Characteristics:
Capacity will hold: 5 G / 20 L
• Height:
• 18.5"/47 cm 11.5"/29 cm
• Length:
• 14"/35 cm 14"/35 cm
• Width:
• 6.5"/16cm 6.5"/16 cm
• Weight:
• 5.8 lbs./2.6 kg 3.5 lbs./1.6 kg

Scepter Gas & Water Cans ReviewLet's start with the water most water jugs you buy today from Wal-Mart are round which or some hard to carry and store size. I think is crazy they roll away and they are a pain to fill and carry not to mention they are nearly impossible to stack. The Scepter cans are made similar to the old WWII style army gas jugs which can even be carried on a backpack and are also stack-able in both vertical and horizontal positions. The old metal versions of these cans had a tendency to bust open when dropped form a height when full. But because these Scepter cans are made from high quality plastic unlike the steel ones they will not burst or damage when dropped.

Scepter Gas & Water Cans ReviewThe metal ones were easily damaged and could even explode when heater or put under stress. When you had gas in the metal ones they would act just like a bomb under pressure it would expand and because the metal didn't have the expansion capabilities that plastic does they would explode but the new plastic ones form Scepter eliminate all theses dangers totally!





Scepter Gas & Water Cans ReviewNext nice feature with the Scepter gas jugs is when the cap is removed you will see a small hole on the rim which is connected to a small pipe in the jug that allows air to get into the can as you pore keeping you from spilling and getting that chugging well your trying to fill your car or truck. But when the cap is back on this air hole is completely covered for protection!




Scepter Gas & Water Cans ReviewThe cap comes with a very heavy rubber gasket unlike ones you buy from hardware stores that have no gasket at all just a plastic disk. Other nice features is the gas jug comes with 3 handles this allows you to have a friend help you carry without any problem and this is a must because when these containers are full they can be very heavy 20L is allot weight to carry for most people.

Scepter Gas & Water Cans ReviewBoth containers are very well constructed and next to impossible to brake open unless you run them over with a tank or something very heavy! Some of the problem with gas cans these days is gas is very pricey and when you have them on your vehicle they tend to be stolen. The design of these cans allows you to buy a bracket for your vehicle so you can secure them not only from being stolen but even from being opened.
This is a must if you're going to have them unattended for any length of time after all you want the gas to be there when you need it!

Scepter Gas & Water Cans Review"Why carry water and gas you ask" well if you have ever been in the back wood and have a tree branch go thru your radiator you know what I mean having water on had to keep filling the radiator so that you can get to a garage can mean the difference between hundreds of dollars in repairs and thousands of dollars for a overheated and seized engine and you would feel very stupid if you had to pay all that money out when all you need to do is carry a 30 dollar water jug!

Now for the difference between the water and gas jugs they are very close visually but I strongly don't recommend you use the water jug for gas and vice versa because the gas jugs are more money and if your just using it for water get the water one its cheaper.
But if you need them for gas then get the gas ones they are constructed heaver because when gas heats up it tends to expand and the jugs come under pressure so the rim and the container its self are much more reinforce to deal with the pressure. The water jug is a little lighter because it doesn't have to deal with the pressures or stresses and it also has a built in spout for water and an air release so you can easily full small bottles from the main jug.

The Scepter gas and water jugs are fantastic and I can't see myself using any other kind. I can't even find a single thing to say bad about them the design is impeccable and the fact that they can be stacked and stored is great for ether your home or vehicle. But one thing I must point out is if you're buying them get the funnel for the gas jug. These are made with very large openings and can be a real bugger to pour into civilian vehicle they are used to fill tanks and large vehicles with big openings so a small truck spout can be difficult without one!

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