GERBER Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Fixed Blade Review

BEAR.GRYLLS.ULTIMATE.PRO.1For full disclosure I didn't review the first bear Grylls fixed blade because after doing some research (as I do for all products we review) it was getting very bad reviews, but GERBER has made up for it with the new Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Fixed Blade!




BEAR.GRYLLS.ULTIMATE.PRO.2The problem with the old version was that it was not totally full tang, but GERBER has corrected this by making the new version full tang with a welded pommel. One thing that everyone knows is, when buying a survival knife or in my book any knife your first rule to follow is full tang! For those who are new to what a tang is, it's the knife blade that runs into the handle and all the way to the butt in one single piece.

BEAR.GRYLLS.ULTIMATE.PRO.3You want a knife to have this because it gives you far more power and durability for chopping and hard use! I know that the old version got a lot of bad press from what I heard but I can tell you this, don't think that the new Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Fixed Blade is anything like the old!


BEAR.GRYLLS.ULTIMATE.PRO.4They have made vast improvements over the old version one. They have replaced the flat steel for sharpening the knife with a pull sharpener, which is faster, easier, and weighs less, and I think it was the right way to go with a survival knife! Next they have changed the sheath as well and moved more to a design that is similar to LFM, which was the way to go! The sheath is made from the same type of materials as theLMFII and grip rubber has been added to each side to help while holding the sheath for sharpening.

BEAR.GRYLLS.ULTIMATE.PRO.5At the bottom of the sheath there is a large drainage hole and while the overall sheath is quite good, I think that they should have made the belt loop a little larger so it can a accommodate larger sizes of belts. I do like that they used flat head screws to attach the harder part of the sheath to the ballistic nylon part, it makes tightening up the sheath easier if it should come loose. One thing I would have done is tried to get closer to the design of theLMFII sheath because I think that is one hell of a sheath!

BEAR.GRYLLS.ULTIMATE.PRO.6At the top of the sheath you will find a tiny slot that is used to house a small survival booklet that is included in the kit, it has the basic survival tasks you will need to make it through a few days of survival! It's basically what you would find in any military survival manual! But don't rely on that as the be all and end all of survival, you need to do a lot of homework to have a quality amount of survival knowledge. In fact I've been doing it for over 25 years and I will admit I don't know every single thing!

BEAR.GRYLLS.ULTIMATE.PRO.7I do think they could have added a few survival items to this sheath. Even though they have a fire-steel, knife sharpener, and a whistle lanyard, I think they could have added a small signal mirror to the back of the sheath easily and if they added some width to the sheath and cut down the middle of it would have made like a spool where you could have added some paracord around the sheath body, another very useful survival tool! Or even make the sheath a little longer and cut a hole into the sheath body where you could have a pop out spool "where the GERBER symbol is" filled with Kevlar thread!

BEAR.GRYLLS.ULTIMATE.PRO.8There are two things you need with a good survival kit, and these are the most important of all, a sharp knife and a good fire-steel or faro rod. Over the years I've found if you have these two and a good knowledge of bushcraft you can make 99% of anything you will need in the bush! In fact I have to give props to Bear Grylls for that, his kit he carries is made up of a Military crusaders cup, paracord strap, fire steel, and a quality knife. This is an ideal kit, BEAR GRYLLS ULTIMATE PROand if you have an extensive knowledge you can get away with just that very easily, but you have to remember that the less gear you carry the more work and time it's going to take to make those things you don't have!

BEAR.GRYLLS.ULTIMATE.PRO.9Now let's talk knife. The knife itself is great, full tang like I mentioned, the grip is phenomenal even when wet, it's contoured perfectly and fits the hand like a glove! Something I like that they added over the old version is a finger coil, this is a must have when doing bushcraft, but something I don't like is most companies sharpen the blade right to the coil and this can cut the top of your finger should your finger slip up the blade. If they sharpened right to it and not all the way, I think it would be much better!

The blade is 4.8 inches and has a fully drop-point plain edge which is how I like my bushcraft knives. I will say the serrations are great, they will stay sharp even when the knife is totally dull, but why I don't like they for a bushcraft knife is in most cases they can be hard to sharpen for most people and they use up the best and most used part of the blade, the lower end near the handle! This is the part that does most of the cutting and I like it to be plain for carving! On the back of the blade on the spine you will find a short 1-inch part where the steel has been exposed, this is done so you can use it with the fire-steel and is something I do with many of my knifes, wear down part of it to use for striking the steel.

BEAR.GRYLLS.ULTIMATE.PRO.10I like the thickness of the knife and I think it's just the right thickness for durability but not overly thick to add weight. It's about the same thickness as my ESEE-4, which is one of my favorites! I also like that they have the lashing holes in this knife that are similar to the LMFII, this makes using the knife as a spear or self-defense tool much easier, and if you ever tried to lash a knife to a stick you know what I'm talking about! I don't BEAR.GRYLLS.ULTIMATE.PRO.13recommend you lash it to a spear you're going to throw, because this was one of the first things I learned, you never throw away your only survival tool! It's best to use the knife pommel and the flint knapping technique to make a spearhead to use for a spear, this way you can make as many as needed while still keeping your knife for other tasks!


BEAR.GRYLLS.ULTIMATE.PRO.12I will say this - 90% of the survival knives out there, which are made for the open market, are not something I would buy or recommend and in most cases they are cheap and fall apart very easily! But the Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Fixed Blade by GERBER is the first one I've used I would 100% recommend. This knife is an awesome knife for any person starting out or someone who wants a one all in one knife for survival to put in there pack!

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