Triple Aught Design Survival Spark Review

Triple Aught Design Survival SparkThe TAD survival spark was designed on the platform of the old survival kit sparker that was supplied with Vietnam survival kits and carried by both personnel and aviators. TAD has taken that design and improved it to make something that is far more durable and longer lasting. The old

Triple Aught Design Survival SparkVietnam version was made to last only a few uses; it was plastic and you were unable to replace the flint. But the TAD version of the Survival Spark is made from a solid brass billet. If you're not familiar with what a billet is, it's basically milled or carved out of one solid piece of brass making it very durable and less likely to fail because there are fewer parts.


Triple Aught Design Survival SparkThe TAD survival spark is made up of a sparking wheel like on a lighter, along with a tub of brass which houses both a spring and flint; this is what makes the Survival Spark an item that will last a very long time. TAD has made it so you can replace the flint when it wears down, all you need to do is unscrew the bottom cap similar to the way you would refill a Zippo lighter and this can be done with just about anything from a knife point to a coin edge it's basically a straight groove.

Triple Aught Design Survival SparkThe size of the TAD Survival Spark is 0.43" (1.09 cm) in diameter and 2.36" (6.00 cm) in length, so it's very small and compact enough to fit into any survival kit. I've added this one to my EDC TAD Life Capsule Omega along with the tinder that comes with the kit.

What you get with the TAD Survival Spark is the Survival Spark and 4 tinder bundles for fire lighting. The tinder that comes with the Spark is light weight and can be lit with only a few sparks from the Survival Spark. The Tinder Quik Fire Tabs are similar to a cotton ball but are shaped like little sticks and have been treated so they're waterproof, which makes them ideal for survival kits and emergency fire lighting. They are also designed to burn for two to three minutes allowing you to get all your fire going without any problems.

Triple Aught Design Survival SparkHow you use the Tinder is you first pull it apart a little to fluff it up. Once that's done you create a spark by spinning fire wheel on the Survival Spark and it will burst them into flame. They remind me of cat tails, once you pick one and fluff it up you can throw a spark into them if they're dry. The Survival Spark also works very well if you want to use char cloth instead of the tinder or if you should run out.

TAD has also added a small hidden bonus to this fire starter, a small slot on the side of the handle that was designed to hold a needle. Although it was only designed to hold one needle I've managed to fit two small needles in there. TAD also made the handle to act as a spool so that you can wind thread or fishing line onto the handle.

Many people, after adding the thread and needle or fishing line, also add a small piece of shrink tube over the handle to hold it all in place. My buddies have said to me that once you pull the shrink tube off, you can't put it back on to hold the line in place. Well all you need to do is use a small piece of gorilla tape (which I carry all the time) and you're good. But keep in mind this little kit was designed to be used in an emergency so you're not going to be taking it on and off all the time anyway!

Now something I didn't think I would ever mention is the packaging that the Survival Spark comes in. This package has turned out to be very durable. I've been carrying it around backpacking for a month now and although it's just made of plastic, it's thick and its design makes the package ideal as a little box to carry your Spark kit in. It's not just something you buy and throw the box away, I think I'll keep it and use it till it wears out. This kind of made me laugh - hell even the packaging the Survival Spark comes in is durable and useful! Now you don't see that very often do you, and it's nice to see that not only is the tool you buy useful but even the packaging can be used as well. Maybe not a big deal but every little bit helps to saves the environment!

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