Triple Aught Design Life Capsule Omega Review

Triple Aught Design Life Capsule OmegaWhen it comes to survival if your skill level is high you need very little to survive. Many years ago we used to make small survival kits out of camera film bottles, and I know what you're thinking - what's that? Most people in this day and age have no idea what film bottles are. But they

were a very useful item that you could get most of the time for free. They're small plastic canisters, around two inches high and an inch wide and sealed with a cap. This was our Life Capsule; you could put meds in it or hooks, matches and many other items that were basic to survival.

Triple Aught Design Life Capsule OmegaNow let's jet all the way to present day 2011, with the TAD (Triple Aught Design Life Capsule Omega. The Omega capsule is a state of the art Capsule that's made from aircraft grade T6 aluminum. T6 is a very strong alloy that combines magnesium and silicon as its main ingredients which makes a light material with a tensile strength of 42000 psi. It was designed to withstand the stresses of plane parts so it's high strength but low weight. T6 is about the best material you can get aside from titanium to use in this manner, but as most people know titanium is very pricey and it's pretty much out of the question unless you have all the money in the world and nothing to do with it!

Triple Aught Design Life Capsule OmegaWhat I like about the Omega Capsule is, it takes the essence of the old camera film canisters we used to use and takes it to the next level. The Omega Capsule is about the size of two film canisters but what really makes it special is it's pretty much indestructible in comparison to the film canisters which would easily pop open if you stepped on them.


Triple Aught Design Life Capsule OmegaThe TAD Capsule is cylindrical and designed similar to a pipe with a cap at both ends; at one end you will find a small cup like insert which was designed to accommodate the TAD SAS Compass and if you're ordering one of these, I strongly recommend you get one - they are outstanding and very useful!


At the top of one end you will find an indent in the cap that is designed to house a QD swivel. QD swivels are designed for gun slings and work similar to a socket wrench, with a push button that disengages a ball-bearing to allow the swivel to release. But it's nearly impossible to disengage unless the button is pushed; sure you could do it without pushing the button, but you would need the power of two trucks as it's very strong! This makes an excellent attachment point for a necklace like I've added or even if you want to thread a piece of webbing through.

The whole capsule is coated with a black matte finish that seems to be quite good. Even though I've been using this for over a month it's not rubbed off or even worn where the swivel is, and that's metal on metal!

Triple Aught Design Life Capsule OmegaAt the other end you will find a much larger compartment that can house many small survival items like the TAD Survival Spark fishing hooks, matches, fishing line, meds, and just about anything you can fit in it. To give you some idea how big the space is, it's about the size of your index finger, maybe a little longer depending on the person.


Triple Aught Design Life Capsule OmegaWhen you first learn survival you feel you need many things to survive, but once you have done it for many years like we have you learn what you really need and what you don't! This TAD Capsule only allows you to carry the kit you really need and nothing else and is a good indicator of your skill level because if you can survive a few days with this your skill level must be high!

What you put in the Capsule depends on you. I've added some small hooks, and the paracord necklace gives me all the cordage I would every need (over 25'). I've also added the TAD Survival Spark and will be getting the TAD SAS Compass to add to it, along with needle, thread, tinder (that comes with the TAD Survival Spark ) and I'm adding to it all the time!

What I use the TAD Life Capsule Omega for is my last ditch kit, the one I keep on me at all times, with my Crusader Forge TCFM 02 and my Zero Tolerance ZT-301. This gives me a knife, a small survival kit with just the basics, and a backup folder - all the items I need for survival at any time!

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