Eberlestock A4SS Scabbard Review

Eberlestock A4SS Scabbard ReviewWhen you own an Eberlestock Terminator, the number one accessory is your scabbard. This is the part of the pack that allows you to carry a rifle. The A4SS is 60 inches long and can accommodate anything from an AR 15 to a full size Barrett .50 cal (57 inches). This allows the user to carry any gun that would be needed for the operations and keeps the gun fully covered.

and protected. The A4SS is an add-on for the Eberlestock Terminator and J79 Skycrane II and is sold separately from these packs. So if you want a Terminator and you don't have any need for a gun, you don't have to buy the scabbard which will save you money.

Eberlestock A4SS Scabbard ReviewEberlestock A4SS Scabbard ReviewThe Eberlestock A4SS is designed just like a drag bag; it covers the gun perfectly without any parts open to the elements. This can be very important if you have an expensive rifle and you're going to find yourself in bad weather. The full covering helps to protect the gun from rain, snow and even blowing sand that can end up blasting the finish off the gun over time. This scabbard also comes with the GSTC Butt Cover; this is what allows you to totally enclose the gun. You can easily use the scabbard without the butt cover or even without the Terminator, and it can even be set up as a backpack on its own.

Eberlestock A4SS Scabbard ReviewEberlestock A4SS Scabbard ReviewTo set up the A4SS as a pack, install a set of shoulder straps and a set of ACST accessory straps. Then you can carry the scabbard alone as a pack just for your rifle. The A4SS has MOLLE on both sides; you can take the other side (the side without the shoulder straps) and mount pouches for the range like mag pouches or even strap a shooting mat to it, giving you a great kit for the range or small hunts. What's the best thing about it? Not having to buy different gear - it's a modular system and it's all used with the Eberlestock Terminator.

Eberlestock A4SS Scabbard ReviewEberlestock A4SS Scabbard ReviewThis scabbard can even be adjusted to carry larger guns and scopes. On one side of the scabbard you will find grab straps - all you do is loosen the two side retaining straps and Velcro and the scabbard can be filleted open on one side and re-adjusted so you can accommodate a larger setup!

Eberlestock A4SS Scabbard ReviewThe bottom of the A4SS (the part that sticks out of the bottom of the Terminator pack and is where the gun barrel sits) is covered on the outside with a rubber-like fabric that acts like a skid plate for added protection if it should come in contact with the ground.


Eberlestock A4SS Scabbard ReviewThe A4SS weights 3.5 LB and for all the padding and protection it offers that's not much weight. You're getting far more protection for the weight so it's well worth it.




Eberlestock A4SS Scabbard ReviewEberlestock A4SS Scabbard ReviewThe A4SS is fully padded on the inside, everywhere but the ASTC butt cover. I believe this is by design so that you can store the butt cover easier when not in use, if it was padded as well it would be very bulky and take up a lot more room in your pack. When you're not using the ASTC butt cover it rolls up to a size not much bigger than a canteen, making it easy to store away.


Eberlestock A4SS Scabbard ReviewThis is one of my main goals when I'm buying gear. I want it to do the maximum possible for the money, and I don't mind spending a little more if I can get a lot more out of the kit, which in turn saves you money down the road!



Eberlestock A4SS Scabbard ReviewEberlestock A4SS Scabbard ReviewNow there is one thing I noticed, and that is if you're planning to use this as a drag bag I recommend that you fashion some kind of skid plate for the side that will be on the ground. I say this because of the MOLLE on both sides. Although MOLLE is ideal for mounting gear, it can be a hindrance if you were to get this hung up on tree branches on a crawl. On most drag bags the MOLLE goes top to bottom on the bag so when its dragged it doesn't get caught up. But on the A4SS it goes side to side so if you have ever used a drag bag you know just what I'm talking about. When it goes side to side it's easier to catch stuff on it but when in the field this is easily fixed by using something like Sniper Tape (if you're not familiar with this it's similar to duct tape, but non-reflective and its fabric-like). It's used by snipers all the time and it would be an ideal option to tape down the MOLLE so there's no chance to get it caught up, plus it can be easily removed afterwards.

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