Kelly Kettle Base Camp Kit Aluminum Review

Kelly Kettle Base Camp Kit Aluminum ReviewThe Kelly kettle has been around for ages and is one of the best kettle systems on the market! When it comes to boiling water this kettle is one of the fastest and easiest ways to do it. How it works is the kettle is hollow in the middle with a stack that runs the full length of the kettle. When water is poured into the kettle it's distributed around the outside of the stack which puts more water in direct contact with the heat, and this is how its magic works!

Kelly Kettle Base Camp Kit Aluminum ReviewThis model is the Base Camp Kettle ALUMINUM, which comes with the kettle, pot and cooking bracket (which the pot sits on), along with a nylon stuff sack and grabber for your pot. Everything you need to make dinner is included in the box.

At the bottom of the kit you will find what looks like a large bowl with a hole in it, where you place your fuel. You can use a remarkable amount of sources for fuel - sticks, pinecones, even dried camel dung! So finding fuel to make a brew is never a hard task, this kettle can burn anything as fuel, making it an ideal survival kettle! The small base also keeps the fire contained so it's far safer than an open fire in dry conditions!


Kelly Kettle Base Camp Kit Aluminum ReviewThe Base Camp model comes with a small stainless steel bowl and lid that has a capacity of 0.85 liters, and a bracket, what you do is place the small X shape bracket on the top hole of the kettle (the stack where smoke comes out) and this bracket will hold your pot perfectly in place the bracket head has small slots that the pot fits into.


Kelly Kettle Base Camp Kit Aluminum ReviewWhat sets this kettle apart from others is it can bring 5 cups of water to a boil far faster than other kettles and it's light - less than three pounds for a product that can hold 1.5 liters of water. A lot of people use cast iron kettles which can weigh as much as a winter sleeping bag, so when you look at the Kelly Kettle under three pounds for a full cooking kit is not much weight, especially when you consider it's not the small version, it's the base camp version which is made for more than one person. So if you want a smaller one you can always go to the Trekker or Scout!

Kelly Kettle Base Camp Kit Aluminum ReviewThe Base Camp model is designed with a large handle and a wood grip as well as a pouring spout at the top that is capped with a lightweight cork. The cork for the plug attaches with a long brass lanyard so it doesn't get lost. It can be taken off when boiling so pressure doesn't build up in the kettle.


Kelly Kettle Base Camp Kit Aluminum ReviewI want to also point out now that we are talking about safety, not to grab the kettle when it's hot or you will burn yourself. Pretty much common sense, but I felt I had to point it out anyway and also don't put this kettle away in the nylon storage bag until it has cooled or it will melt it - the bag not the kettle!


Kelly Kettle Base Camp Kit Aluminum ReviewNow I want to address something that was pointed out to me about aluminum. Some people have been wary of it because studies have shown that it can cause Alzheimer's. But after doing some research about it I've found out that in fact many studies that once said they were connected are now saying they are not! Another thing is the leaching from aluminum only occurs when you use something in the kettle that has a large citrus acid content and as 99% of people will only use it for water, like me, this is a non-issue. Besides, most campers would use this kettle a few times a year and I'm sure you would get far more leaching from cans of pop (with high citrus acid in them) than you would ever get from this product and we all know you drink pop don't you!

The things I like about the kettle the most is the weight, less than 3 pounds for a cooking set and stove that will cook food for a group which is great! And as far as quality goes it's a Kelly Kettle - enough said!

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