Maxpedition XXL MPB Review

Maxpedition XXL MPB ReviewI've owned Maxpedition's MPB for a number of year, but when the MPB XXL came out it was on my must have list. It takes all the things I liked about the MPB and just up-sizes it to a larger version. The main reason I bought the old MPB was to carry a laptop but after I received the MPB I soon found out that it would not fit anything over 15".


Main: 17.5" x 7" x 13" fully padded with padded divider
Front Right: 10" x 7" x 2.5" with 5 internal pockets
Front Left: 10" x 7" x 2.5" with 3 internal pockets; elastic organizer
CCW Pocket: 15" x 10" with 12" x 7" loop field
Side A: 10" x 6" x 2.5" with internal and external sleeve pockets, exterior ID window
Side B: 6" x 3" x 2.5"
Side C: 6" x 7" x 2.5" with internal sleeve pocket
Rear Pocket:Â 15" x 11" x 2.5" with internal organizer
Rear Sleeve Pocket:Â 8" wide x 9" deep

Maxpedition XXL MPB ReviewFits up to 17" (diagonal screen size) laptop computer
So when the MPB XXL came out, I jumped at that chance to have a larger version that would hold not only my electronic gear but the main reason I bought it - my laptop!



Maxpedition XXL MPB ReviewMaxpedition XXL MPB ReviewWhen you received the XXL it's very apparent that it's larger, in fact it looks like they just took an enlarging ray to the smaller version with a few improvements but it basically kept all the great things about the smaller version. Here are some of the improvements they have made. They needed to make the bottom of the bag padded and this is one of the things they did with the larger XXL bag that was not available in the older MPB. They have not only padded the bottom but they have also padded all four sides and even the two large outside pockets and full side panel on the opposite side, making this the perfect travel bag if you have tons of electronic gear such as cameras, laptops, etc.

Maxpedition XXL MPB ReviewMaxpedition XXL MPB ReviewAnother added bonus to the XXL over the old MPB is the XXL has far more Velcro for your name patches and accessories pouches or even a side-arm in the hideaway slot behind the two large pockets. This slot has a full Velcro side that is perfect for Maxpedition's universal CCW holster or triple mag holder.

Maxpedition XXL MPB ReviewOn one end of the bag you will find a large pocket with an ID window. This pocket has a large zippered pouch on the inside and a sleeve that is the perfect size for a Rite In The Rain notepad or field book. Behind the ID window you will find another large pocket about the same size as the sleeve for books or writing pads. At the other end you have two pockets - the top one is just the right size for sunglass or eye glass cases, and the bottom is about double the size with a small sleeve on the inside to hold small items in place.

Maxpedition XXL MPB ReviewAnother big difference between the MPB and the XXL is on the XXL, one side has two very large pockets that open up as organizers. One pocket has three sleeves with an elastic pen organizer while on the other side you will find the same three sleeves, but this pocket has two slots with Velcro straps which I found the ideal size for holding FRS radios or cell phones.


Maxpedition XXL MPB ReviewOn the other side of the bag you will find one larger panel that has a large zipper pocket and what looks like a handle but is designed so that your expandable handle from a rolling luggage bag can slide through for travel. When you open this side up you find one large sleeve two smaller sleeves and three blackberry size sleeves with elastic tops so your gear doesn't fall out.


Maxpedition XXL MPB ReviewMaxpedition XXL MPB ReviewI like this side the most because of the padded fold down panel, which serves as a little work table when you're cleaning your pistol or working with small gear and cleaning them. The lip of the panel ensures that if a small screw or bolt gets away from you it's not going to roll away and it works similar to Maxpedition's travel tray.


Maxpedition XXL MPB ReviewMaxpedition XXL MPB ReviewOn the top of the XXL bag you will find a small attachment point to which you can affix your cell phone holders or small pouches and a flashlight/baton holder so this bag can be used as a duty bag. This bag also meets all FAA carry-on bag sizes and requirements so it can easily be used as a travel or carry-on bag.


Maxpedition XXL MPB ReviewLastly this bag is like all Maxpedition gear, made form 1050 Denier and is water- and abrasion-resistant ballistic nylon. The Maxpedition XXL has been treated with both a triple polyurethane coating and Du PONT Teflon fabric protector that resists even the harshest mud-filled adventures.


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