TOPS HAKET Survival Hatchet Review

TOPS HAKET Survival Hatchet ReviewThe TOPS HAKET stands for (Hatchet and Knife Emergency Tool) and is a tool I've had my eye on to reviewing for about a year now, ever since I san it at Shotshow. Thanks to help from our friends at we're able to bring you a review.

TOPS is a company who makes high quality knives for military and serious outdoors people.

TOPS HAKET Survival Hatchet ReviewThe TOPS HAKET was designed in conjunction with Allen Jensen and TOPS. Allen Jensen is a TOPS designer who has helped to develop a number of products in the TOPS knife Lines and is an avid outdoorsmen.



TOPS HAKET Survival Hatchet ReviewWhat turned me onto the HAKET is that it's multifunctional. You all know how I love products that can do more than just one thing. Multifunctional equipment allows you to carry less gear and do more -which makes life and survival easier!

The HAKET comes in two models: The Outfitter and the Tactical.


The Outfitter has a more traditional head like a small axe.

TOPS HAKET Survival Hatchet ReviewThe Tactical is the one we're reviewing for you. The Tactical head has a more chisel-like look and resembles a tanto style blade and has not one head edge but three. Aside from what I just pointed out the two HAKET models are exactly alike.



TOPS HAKET Survival Hatchet ReviewBoth models come with an Alligator Alley spear point, which in my opinion, is an awesome looking spear point with a very sharp and durable point, with hook like gaffs that make taking large fish and game very easy. This point can be mounted on a stick for a spear or two different ways on the HAKET to act as a gaff or a pick.


TOPS HAKET Survival Hatchet ReviewThe Alligator Alley Spear point can also be used as a standalone survival knife can be hung from the neck and reminds me of the TOPS Hoffman Harpoon.



TOPS HAKET Survival Hatchet ReviewThe head of the HAKET is secured with a special heavy-duty bolt. What makes thisbolt great is not only does it hold the axe head very well; it can be installed and uninstalled incredibly efficiently with just your hand so there's no need to carry tools or other gear! The HACKET makes an ideal breaching tool for windows and doors. It's a great tool to have on hand in emergencies. Need window glass cleared? Use the HACKET.

TOPS HAKET Survival Hatchet ReviewThe HAKET don't stop there. You can even use the head of the axe without the handle like you would any knife, giving your not just an axe but a good knife as well for the same weight! This is one of the things I thought would not work well. Any time you combine two tools into one there is some tradeoffs, but surprisingly, the HAKET works very well together or apart!


TOPS HAKET Survival Hatchet ReviewThe head comes with two great quality leather end sheaths to protect the blades. The Alligator Alley spear point comes with a kydex sheath. All are stored in a small black pouch with the handle. The pouch is kind of plain so I'm thinking I will try to find out what kind of pouch I can get that will fit this kit and change it out to make it more user friendly. I was thinking of maybe a Maxpediiton baton sheath and just carry the axe assembled. I think that would work very well.

TOPS HAKET Survival Hatchet ReviewOn the handle of the HAKET you will find some paracord. I've changed out the green paracord for coyote tan and I almost tripled the amount to 26 feet. This gives you quite a bit of paracord if you need it and makes the wrap of the handle larger, all the way up to the tops symbol.


TOPS HAKET Survival Hatchet ReviewThe most important part of the axe is the handle. If this part of the axe is low quality you have nothing! The handle of the HACKET is made from Chrome-Moly.



TOPS HAKET Survival Hatchet ReviewChrome-Moly is often used in mountain bikes - just like my last mountain bike (GT). Chrome-Moly has a high tensile strength to weight ratio. It feels like aluminum but acts like steel. It's best used where you want very high strength, light weight and you don't want to use extremely expensive material like Titanium.


TOPS HAKET Survival Hatchet ReviewAnother nice thing about having a handle like the HAKET is that it's hollow. This allows you to pack the handle with survival supplies. It can easily hold a number of products (matches, fishing kit, etc) it's just a matter of taking the time to pack it right and use your imagination!

I have two items from TOPS and I've been extremely pleased with both. I've added the Tops HACKET and the HOFFMAN harpoon to my collection and use them time and time again.

On our last trip, I brought the HACKET with me. While everyone else was setting up, I made short work of the wood we needed spilt for the fire. I kinda went overboard. The lightweight axe didn't tire me out.

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