SUREFIRE Sonic Defenders EP3 & EP4 Review

SUREFIRE Sonic Defenders EP3 & EP4 ReviewThe Sonic Defenders from SUREFIRE were named the Safety Product of the Year at the Shooting Industry Awards 2011. I know for most people the last thing they think of is ear plugs for a kit, but take it from me I have a family member who broke an ear drum while working around loud machinery and it was not a picnic for him!

SUREFIRE Sonic Defenders EP3 & EP4 ReviewI've always said if it weighs very little and takes up even less space, why not bring it along. I've been using the Sonic Defenders for about 2 months now and I have to say they are the most comfortable set of plugs I've ever used!



SUREFIRE Sonic Defenders EP3 & EP4 ReviewI have worked around many loud pieces of gear in my life, everything from guns to bulldozers and ear protection was always a must, but at least for me it was not always comfortable. Most plugs you get are fine, but don't protect like the Sonic Defenders and with other ear plugs I would often get ear aches when wearing them for long periods. They also tend to be pretty generic and usually a "one size fit all" thing.

SUREFIRE Sonic Defenders EP3 & EP4 ReviewWhat I really like about the Sonic Defenders is they're made similar to Bose headphones. The Defenders are designed using a medical-grade polymer that feels just like silicon but last far longer. I've worn them for over 3 hours at a time without any discomfort and I've never had ear plugs fit so well and feel so good for a long period.


SUREFIRE Sonic Defenders EP3 & EP4 ReviewNow don't think just because they're made by a company like SUREFIRE that you can only use them shooting. They have a very broad range of applications, anything from concerts to shooting ranges, they're just a very nice piece of kit to have around! I was surprises at how well they blocked loud sounds but still allowed you to hear what is going on. This may not sound like a big deal but I can tell you it can mean the difference between life and death! Let me give you some examples - if you're firing a gun you need to keep aware of what is going on around and even if you're working in a warehouse you have to wear plugs but you also have to be able to hear forklifts and other machinery around you to be safe and the SUREFIRE Sonic Defenders worked very well for me in this regard!

SUREFIRE Sonic Defenders EP3 & EP4 ReviewThe sonic defenders are designed with a small canal that allows safe level sounds to enter while keeping louder sounds from penetrating all the way up to 85dB. If you need added protection you can close off the canal with the small cap.



SUREFIRE Sonic Defenders EP3 & EP4 ReviewSUREFIRE Sonic Defenders come in two kinds, black and clear, and also come in two models: one is the EP3 which has a double flange design and the EP4 which has a triple flange design. Both models come in small, med and large.
You need to get your sizing right, for me it was a medium which fit best. The model I really like the best out of the two was the EP4, with the triple flange design. They held very well and didn't give me a single problem all the time I was using them. I was kind of thinking that they would be like some headphones, where after bouncing around and jarring from firing a gun they would come loose but the EP4s never budged and this is what sold me on them for sure!

SUREFIRE Sonic Defenders EP3 & EP4 ReviewI've also included a small chart from SUREFIRE; this will allow you to get the best sizing to your ear. It's in the photos and it will show you how to measure your ear for the plugs and can save you when you order online so you're not ordering the wrong size! I know this can be a big deal when ordering online (at least it is for me, I hate getting the wrong size) but luckily SUREFIRE thought of this and gives you a chart to help with sizing!

Most people may not care about this but it always bothered me - the use of disposable ear plugs. After work I would see a ton of them being thrown away in the garbage and I thought to myself "man that has to be a waste, and it can't be helping the environment in any way"! So I'm happy I found a reusable option like the Sonic Defenders, they're very durable ,easy to clean and for the price (14 bucks) you're saving both the environment and your money so how can that hurt!

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