Valid8 Thumb Drive Review

Valid8 Thumb Drive ReviewFor many years I've looked for a solution to carry backups of important documents - scans of birth certificates, driver license, etc. - so that I have a copy in some form or another. I was leery of carrying all those important documents on a thumb drive: one, if I lost it, someone would have possession of all your info, and two, people always say "encrypt it and put a password on it". Well that's fine and good but what about when you're in a danger zone (e.g. fire, storms, evacuations) with a high risk of getting hurt? You could fall, hit your head or anything and be unable to remember the password, or if you were unconscious your loved ones would not be able to access the drive to use the info.

Valid8 Thumb Drive ReviewThis brings me to what I think is one of the best options for a bug out bag, the VALID8 Drive. The VALID8 drive has some hidden features that set it apart from others, such as its ability to be encrypted with your fingerprint as well as a password!



Valid8 Thumb Drive ReviewThis drive is equipped with a small thumbprint scanner similar to a document scanner that needs to be used to access the drive. This eliminates the need to remember passwords and allows you to not only open it with your fingerprint but also encode it with the print of up to 5 other family members so they can access it as well.


Valid8 Thumb Drive ReviewWhat you do when you first receive the drive is encode it with your fingerprint. This a very easy process because the drive comes with all the instructions on how to do it, even if you're not tech savvy it's not difficult at all!

This model I'm using here is the 4GB model, which is large enough to carry a filing cabinet worth of paper documents, so you have plenty of space for everything you would ever need to carry! I wouldn't use this for larger files like movies, but for sensitive documents it's ideal! This drive comes in 2GB, 4GB and even 8GB so there's a model to fit everyone's needs. The VALID8 drive uses your thumbprint or fingerprint to lock your info into an AES-256 XTS encryption which is a three-tier administration. This encryption is a mid-level encryption that is meant to foil even the most seasoned computer operator who tries to hack it. It's not the highest encryption, but far more than you would ever need to keep your info safe!

Valid8 Thumb Drive ReviewThe drive also comes with easy to follow instructions for adding other family members to the drive, but keep in mind you will need to have them encode their finger to the drive so that the members of your family can have access.

The VALID8 drives are pretty much the same as any thumb drive aside from the finger scanner. They work just like most thumb drives, you plug them in and you get a prompt that will ask you to scan your finger. Once done it will open a window where you can drag and drop whatever you want on to the drive. I said earlier that I wouldn't use this drive for video; not that it can't handle video, it's just that video files are very large and will fill up drives fast. If you have small video files under 4 GB you're ok it will store them no problem!

Valid8 Thumb Drive ReviewIdeally this drive is best used as an out-the- door concept, one where you would leave it in your computer doing periodic updates and when trouble shows itself, all you do is grab your bug out bag and pull the drive from the computer on the way out the door. This is what I do and I feel is the best setup for the drive, for me. But you can easily load the drive and take it to a friend's house or to a bank safety deposit box for safe keeping!

I really do like the Valid8 drives; only thing I wish was the drive itself was more bomb proof. It is a tough little drive but if it was encased in steel or aluminum I think it would be the ultimate drive for travel and survival. Aside from that I think it's ideal for just about any need, and should you need to make it super durable, all you need is a small cheap waterproof case that can be bought just about anywhere for under 10 bucks!

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