Xantrex Xpower Powerpack 1500 Review

Xantrex Xpower Powerpack 1500 ReviewWhen it comes to power around the camp or home when there's a power outage, you need substantially more power than you would get from a small power box. That's when you need the Xantrex Xpower Powerpack 1500w. This powerpack holds 1500 watts of power at the ready for when you need it!

Like with all reviews I do about power boxes, I like to share the chart of what they can power and how long so people have an idea what they can do; after all, when I buy a product like this, this is the only real info I want to know - "what it can power and how long"!

Watts Runtime





27 h 30 min

Desktop computer


8 h 48 min

20” LCD monitor


11 h 54 min

Wireless modem/router


118 h

Inkjet printer   


87 h

Table lamp


16 h

Emergency Power Applications Watts Runtime



Cordless phone


130 h

Clock radio


87 h

13” CRT TV


14 h 6 min

20” LCD TV       


7 h 42 min

18 cu. ft. fridge

120 W 

4 h 18 min

8.8 cu. ft. freezer


7 h 6 min

Sump pump 1/2 hp


1 h 18 min

Home alarm system

5 W

129 h



19 min

7 1/4 circular saw

800 W

25 min

3/8 corded drill

250 W

1 h 48 min


150 W


Xantrex Xpower Powerpack 1500 ReviewXantrex Xpower Powerpack 1500 ReviewWhat makes this powerpack so useful is it can be used indoors without the need for ventilation like you do with generators, which need to be vented very well or the fumes can kill you! I like the Xantrex power packs because they offer power without the dangers of using gas or having to deal with storing oil or gas for emergencies.

Xantrex Xpower Powerpack 1500 ReviewXantrex Xpower Powerpack 1500 ReviewWhen you combine the Xantrex Xpower Powerpack 1500 with a large folding solar panel such as the Powerfilm F15 3600, you have created a virtually unlimited supply of power that doesn't need gas, oil or anything that would cost you money like a generator does. And can be used in the home or around people, whereas a gas generator would be dangerous to people and kids! Not to mention the noise that generators produce which if not put outside or far from camp can be deafening!

Xantrex Xpower Powerpack 1500 ReviewThis powerpack provides you with everything you need to run your gear anywhere. It can easily power everything from fridges to microwaves, sump pumps, lamps, fans, and cell phones - you name it! With the Powerpack 1500 you get two three-pronged AC outlets for extension cords and appliances, and on the side is a DC outlet that will allow you to charge this pack from just about anything, even a car or a solar panel.

Xantrex Xpower Powerpack 1500 ReviewXantrex Xpower Powerpack 1500 ReviewThis powerpack is equipped with many safety features such as a High surge protection, automatic over-temperature, and overload shutdown. This allows you to use this powerpack anywhere while still having the peace of mind that it's not going to explode, catch fire or fry your gear. The Powerpack 1500 also has auto shutoff so if you leave it plugged in, it will top up the battery when it runs down and then shut its self off till it needs to be topped up again. This allows you to leave it plugged in so you know it will be fully charged when you need it, which is a nice feature because we all know how products like this end up in our home (in the basement!) and when the power goes out we forgot to charge it! But this way it's charged all the time without fail!

Xantrex Xpower Powerpack 1500 Review

The Xantrex Xpower Powerpack 1500 takes approximately 24 hours to charge from a home outlet when it's completely dead or 6 to 8 hours from a car. It can also be topped up any time even if the pack still has power, so you don't have to wait till it's completely dead to charge! This makes topping it up with a solar panel that much easier!

You'll find the 1500 indispensible for the campsite on long weekends, or if you're building a camp where you need power but you're too far from anywhere to plug in. It also makes a great accessory for the truck when you're traveling the back roads. You can have it in the back of the truck, and if you should break down or find yourself in the dark changing tires or fixing damage after a long day of 4X4ing it makes getting back on the road that much easier. Even if you should find yourself there for days you can use the Solar panel to charge back up saving your gas to get out of the woods!

Xantrex Xpower Powerpack 1500 ReviewAnother thing I wanted to point out is this pack is heavy; at 60 lbs it's not one you would want to carry but when you're using it around the home or on a truck it provides a large amount of power ready to go anywhere at any time. If you should have to travel with it, it does have wheels and a handle so on flat ground it's effortless to move.


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