S.O.D Boonie Hat Review

S.O.D Boonie Hat ReviewS.O.D. (Special Operation Department) is an Italian company that manufactures clothing for troops all over the world. I've been looking for a new boonie for awhile now and all I can say is when your shop around it's the same old same old! Most companies are producing the same or similar hats so finding one that is different and well made is a real chore!

S.O.D Boonie Hat ReviewWhen I saw S.O.D.'s version of the boonie I was sold, they have incorporated all the things people like about the boonie hat but added many new features that not too many companies are doing! The first thing to know when buying a boonie hat is stay away from cheap ones; they are often poorly made and not to mention they don't fit your head right. So you end up looking like you're wearing a large can with a brim because the front is the same as the back with most, and you're left with a large front that looks like a cowboy hat.

S.O.D Boonie Hat ReviewI like my boonie hats to slope in the front like a ball cap; this keeps you from having to modify the hat by putting the front down and adding a stitch in the front so you don't look ridiculous! And in the photo I have shown what I mean with a side by side of my old boonie.



S.O.D Boonie Hat ReviewNow let's get right into the features of the S.O.D. Boonie. You can get them in just about any color. I chose Multicam so I don't have to buy multiple camos for different environments and spend more money. Multicam works in all conditions, whether you're hunting, on the battle field or just camping!


S.O.D Boonie Hat ReviewThe S.O.D. Boonie is made from the very best materials like double-sided Multicam webbing and genuine 50/50 NATO rip stop Crye Multicam. One of my favorite features is the ability to cinch up the hat around the head; this is done with a bungee cord that runs through the back of the hat so if you do order a size that is a little large, the fit can be adjusted by tightening the cord. This is something to consider when buying a boonie or any fitted hat, not all companies are the same size and having a fitted hat that can be adjusted is a real plus especially when buying off the internet!

S.O.D Boonie Hat ReviewI haven't even gotten to the best parts yet - this hat also has something that no other boonie hat has. On the inside front of the hat you will find a terrycloth (towel-like material) sweat band that runs from ear to ear. If you have every used a boonie hat before, well you know sweat pours from your hair and down your face in hot weather. So it's nice to have this feature built in to help with comfort. Another thing S.O.D. has added (or not added, to be more accurate) to this hat is they have done away with the grommets that rust and tear out, and have replaced them with side vents all the way around the outside of the hat. On the inside of the hat they have blocked off the vents with a netting that is similar to mosquito head netting, so you're not getting bugs crawling into your hat but you get full venting all the way around!

The chin strap of the S.O.D. boonie has even been changed out for one made from 550 paracord, which is far stronger and more durable than old versions. As an added feature they have installed a 2x2 inch Velcro patch,so you can attach insignias or cats eyes and on the back of the hat there is a standard 4 inch strip of Velcro for name tapes. So you can see not only does the S.O.D. boonie offer customized fit, it's made for the very best of materials that the market has to offer.

It also has features that set it far apart from the competition making it the must-have item if you're looking for a new boonie and take it from me I've used most out there over the years and this one is head and shoulders over the competition hands down!

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