EMDOM MM GPS Pouch Review

EMDOM MM GPS Pouch ReviewI've had a Garmin GPSMAP CSx for a few months now and I've noticed a few small scratches from bumping stuff, so I set out to get the best GPS pouch I could find. I wanted a high quality 1000 D pouch that would hold up to heavy use, which most store-bought common ones never do. I also wanted to get one in Mulitcam if I could, so it would all blend in with my packs. Now the task sounds easy but it's not. After two months of looking I found one that was as good as you could possible want: the EMDOM MM GPS pouch. EMDOM MM GPS Pouch Was designed by Military Morons and manufactured by EMDOM to produce what I think is, one of the best pouches for your field electronics.

Military Morons has been one of my favorite sites since before I started my own site! I go to them to see new gear and check out what they've come up with. It's without question a great site and that's why we've added their website link to our associated links section!

EMDOM MM GPS Pouch ReviewI say Electronics because not only does this one fit most Garmin GPS' but it will also fit IPhones, IPods, Mp3 players and many other electronics of similar size including cameras. What make this pouch so special are many features. A hard front to protect your product from damage that also opens with a drawbridge design. This allows you to mount the pouch to your packs straps, chest rig or any other MOLLE webbing and when unzipped it will drop down and allow you to see and use the function on the device without it falling out. Another nice thing about this system - its adjustable and the paracord stays are easily replaced if you should break or cut one.

EMDOM MM GPS Pouch ReviewAt the top of the pouch you will see a double elastic opening that will allow antennas, headphones and other cords to protrude. This works great for the GPSMAP CSx or newer models to allow the antenna to stick out and get good readings.



EMDOM MM GPS Pouch ReviewAnother great feature is the mounting system. You have your standard MOLLE system and a very durable and functional Velcro strap system. Between these two mounting systems you can attach this pouch to just about any pack or piece of gear. The Velcro allows you to mount the pouch even on its side if you need to, which you can't do with all MOLLE pouches. So when it comes to mounting, this pouch can do it all!


EMDOM MM GPS Pouch ReviewOn the inside of the pouch you will find a holding system for your electronics that not only holds them but allows you to remove them quickly to change out batteries or the electronics themselves. In this case the GPS is held in place with an elastic cradle that has Velcro on the back and a see-through heavy duty plastic on the front. The Velcro allows the user to pull the whole assembly out and drop it back in without any problems what so ever, making it a breeze to change batteries or use your items.

EMDOM MM GPS Pouch ReviewEMDOM MM GPS Pouch ReviewThe EMDOM GPS pouch is made from Mil-spec Cordura nylon 1000 denier that's standard for military gear, giving it long life and maximum durability. This material is also very water resistant, abrasion resistant making it the best material for the woods. I've used 1000D gear for over 15 years and I've never had a single EMDOM MM GPS Pouch Reviewproduct wear out. That's why I use it. Saves you tons of money in the long run!






EMDOM MM GPS Pouch ReviewSomething that caught me off guard was how well this little pouch was put together. I've used many pouches over the years and some were good but never of this quality. EMDOM MM GPS pouch is so well made that there isn't even a thread out of place and every function and feature of the pouch works flawlessly every time! If this is the quality that EMDOM is putting out, I see many more of their products in my future! I got my pouch from our friends at www.optactical.com they have some of the best prices around and I strongly recommend you check them out!

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