SKS Grand D.A.D And Grand M.O.M Fenders Review

SKS Grand D.A.D And Grand M.O.M Fenders ReviewWhen it comes to bike mudguards or fenders, the problem has always been one of two things, either they are low quality and fall apart or they are too small to be of any help for the job of blocking mud and rain.

Since I was already displeased with most products I have used over the years, I wanted something that not only could hold up to hard use in the woods (such as hitting trees and branches) but they had to actually block water and mud (or what would be the point of using them).

SKS Grand D.A.D And Grand M.O.M Fenders ReviewSKS was kind enough to send us what is turning out to be two of the best fenders I have every used. Firstly, they are pretty much bomb-proof. I've hit them, banged them, and even folded one nearly in half turning over my bike and they are still like new which really impressed me (by now I would have torn them off and thrown them away if they were crap)!


SKS Grand D.A.D And Grand M.O.M Fenders ReviewThe "Grand D.A.D" and the rear "Grand M.O.M" mudguards are so named because they are large - much larger than mudguards you find in bike shops! In fact I think they resemble motocross dirt bike mudguards very closely. The Grand D.A.D and Grand M.O.M are about twice as wide as other mudguards and this is what I think gives them such superior mud and water blocking ability.


SKS Grand D.A.D And Grand M.O.M Fenders ReviewOften times I've used friends' guards and you would swear they fell off, because you find yourself getting more water on you than the mudguard. This is why these two guards are the ones I am recommending - they simply work better than anything I have used and what's the point of buying a guard if it's not even able to do the job it was intended to do!


SKS Grand D.A.D And Grand M.O.M Fenders ReviewThe installation of these two mudguards was pretty much as simple as it can be, it only took me about 10 minutes to get them adjusted and installed. All the necessary hardware came in the kit as well as the tool to do the job which was nice, no need to even get out your tool box. The rear Grand M.O.M is installed to the seat post of the bike using what SKS calls the "Power Strip". It's pretty much a nylon strap with rubber knobs on the inside connected to a clamp-like system. This system works very well, holding the mudguard securely in place and makes it very easy to take it off if need be.

SKS Grand D.A.D And Grand M.O.M Fenders ReviewThe Grand D.A.D on the other hand is the one that needs more work installing. It comes with an Allen key and you need to install a plug into the bottom of your bracket to hold the small knob in place that the mudguard will later be attached to. You then need to put the mudguard onto the slot (after having adjusted it to fit your bike) and slide the small cap into place to lock the fender so that it will not move. If you have done this right you will find not only can you remove the mudguard very fast but it's also very solid and will not move even under hard use!

SKS Grand D.A.D And Grand M.O.M Fenders ReviewI'm using these mudguards with the Montague Paratrooper and one of the things that was pointed out to be by SKS is they are perfect for this bike because not only can you take both mudguards off in seconds so that you can fold the bike, but they have a great look on the bike. SKS has designed them with a real stealth plane look to them and it works fantastically with the Paratrooper - not only do they function great but they make the bike look that much cooler and how can that hurt!





SKS Grand D.A.D And Grand M.O.M Fenders ReviewNow I know some people may say, "They come off easy, what happens if you hit them?" These mudguards are very well made; you can't even tear them off under hard use. They have also designed the rear parts of the Grand D.A.D and Grand M.O.M so they flex making them nearly impossible to break off when you get them caught on trees and branches on the trail, which is something I have experienced many times! I can tell you I have not been this pleased with a bike accessory in many years and if they keep working out like they have, you're looking at one big happy fan of SKS parts!

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