Black Rapid RS Sport Camera Strap Review

Black Rapid RS Sport Camera Strap ReviewI was in the market for a new camera strap, because the ones that come with cameras are like the kit lens - not adequate to the job. I've been using the RS-Sport for a few weeks now and it's been one of my favorite camera accessories.

What make it so great? Well I spend a lot of time doing reviews and setting up gear to be photographed. Most of the time the camera is hanging from my neck and constantly gets in the way - now that I think about it, it's not most of the time it's all the time!

Black Rapid RS Sport Camera Strap ReviewWhat is so unique about the RS-Sport is that it doesn't carry the camera around the neck, it works similar to a gun sling and allows you to carry the camera over the body and it hangs by your hip. This smart design offers you easy access your camera if you see anything along the trail or if you need to take a quick shot.


Black Rapid RS Sport Camera Strap ReviewI know this camera strap is kind of pricey or so you may think, but when you start pricing replacement straps for your camera (the stock one that comes with it) you'll soon see even they can be around 20 to 30 bucks and have nowhere near the comfort, quality or features the RS-Sport does!


Black Rapid RS Sport Camera Strap ReviewWhen you receive the RS-Sport you get the strap, carrying case and the swivel that attaches to the camera. Unlike standard camera straps, the RS-Sport uses a swivel that screw into the bracket where you would attach a tripod. This is a very secure spot on the camera, as it was made to hold the weight of the camera when it's on a tripod. Another thing that's great about having the strap attach on the bottom of the camera is that it's out of the way. Often with my old strap I found every time I tried to take a quick shot it was always in the way because it mounts on the sides of the camera right over where you put your hands, so when you're grabbing the camera quickly the strap gets in the way and can even hinder getting a good grip when in a hurry.

Black Rapid RS Sport Camera Strap ReviewYou don't realize what a pain this is until you have had the benefit of using something that doesn't hinder your shooting in any way like the RS-Sport. The whole time I have used the RS-Sport it never was in the way once! I was able to grab the camera from my hip very quickly and get shots without having to fuss with the camera strap since it's always out of the way!


Black Rapid RS Sport Camera Strap ReviewThe only down side I have to point out about this RS-Sport is the attachment point where the camera attaches to the strap. The swivel is steel and when you're active and moving around it can bang against the camera. My concern is that over time the camera may become scratched. I feel this could be greatly improved by either coating the clasp part-way in rubber or some kind of material or even adding a small sleeve to the clasp similar to what they do with gun sling attachment clasps. This would allow it to move freely but protect it from banging or scratching - just a thought I had which would make what I think is a great strap even better!

Added features of this camera strap don't stop there; on both sides of the mount where the camera hangs from the strap, you will find two sliding locks. This allows you to lock the camera in any position on the strap, so it will not slide! This way if you want your camera to hang like it does with a neck strap you can lock the camera in place on the chest, or if like me and you need the camera out of the way when you're setting up shots or rigging something, you can lock it behind your back so it's not hanging on the ground when you're working!

The main reason the strap doesn't slide when the locks are in place is the small strap that goes under your arm. This allows you to lock the strap on your shoulder and keeps it in place no matter what, and believe me I'm not ashamed to admit it, I've fallen and hit trees and fussed with clothing and the RS-Sport is just about the only peace of gear I carry that stays where it is and doesn't move till I want it to!

The padding on the strap is key - if it's thin it will hurt over time and if you're carrying a large camera or lens it will cut into you. The RS-Sport strap is designed similarly to a high quality backpack strap, which has more than enough padding to keep even the largest lens from digging into your shoulder and I've never had any comfort problems with this strap in any way. In fact I like the strap so much that it's the one I carry every time I go to the woods to get those shots to share with you guys and gals!

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