Xantrex 600HD Power Pack Review

Xantrex 600HD Power Pack ReviewWhen it comes to power in the woods there is no better way than a power box and solar panel. Using a power pack like Xantrex 600HD gives you not only power, but when combined with a solar panel it also gives you unlimited power as long as there's sun without the need for noisy generators and costly gas.

· uns 115-volt AC (3 outlets)
· Runs 12-volt DC (1 outlet)
· Built-in 600 watt inverter
· Sealed, non-spillable 28 amp-hour AGM battery
· AM/FM radio
· Digital alarm clock
· Jumper cables designed for safe and efficient jump-starting
· Built-in light provides illumination in emergency situations at home and on the road
· 3-digit display allows for easy battery status monitoring
· Audible alarm signals overheat and under voltage conditions
· Overload and over-temperature protection to ensure longer inverter life
· Recharge at home or from a vehicle

Xantrex 600HD Power Pack ReviewThe new 600HD has some improvements over previous models I've used. It has three AC outlets allowing you to charge up more than one device at the same time so you're not spending all your time waiting to put other ones on to charge. This model also has a DC outlet that allows you plug in a solar panel and even plug this box directly into your car to charge your battery or charge the box itself.


Xantrex 600HD Power Pack ReviewWith the Xantrex 600HD you also get an accessories bag with jumper cables so you can boost any car. This is one of the improvements over the old one I had where the jumper cables were permanently attached, but the 600HD has detachable jumper cables which allows you to leave them home or in the car when you don't need them saving the amount of weight you carry.


Xantrex 600HD Power Pack ReviewThe accessories pouch that comes with the 600HD also holds your AC adaptor, jumper cables and a male to male DC charging cable, giving you all the accessories you need for the box so there's no need to go out and buy added gear.



Xantrex 600HD Power Pack ReviewAnother thing that many people don't think about that makes these battery packs so great is, they can be charged up and they maintain their stored charge a long time so they are ready to go when the power goes out or in an emergency, like in the winter when you go out to find that the cold has killed your car battery! A power pack like the Xantrex 600HD can boost your car in no time and have you off to work in minutes!

Xantrex 600HD Power Pack ReviewOne of my favorite features is the 600D also comes with a AM/FM radio so when your power goes out or your on the side of the road changing a tire you can have some tunes to pass the time and having a radio can also keep you apprised of what is going in the world when the powers out as well! You also get a large work light built right into the casing of the 600HD, so when the power does go out you don't have to run all over your home trying to find light, radio and power, you have it all in one convenient box that you can keep in any closet or basement ready to go.

Xantrex 600HD Power Pack ReviewSome safety precautions should be taken with this type of power system, which has a battery in it. The battery can be charged over and over and is sealed so it will not spill if the pack is knocked over, but like all electric devices it can shock you if you're not watching what you're doing or if you misuse the jumper cables! So I strongly encouraged everyone to read the manual before you use your pack!


Now, what everyone wants to know is, what can it power and how much can it power? The 600HD can power a:
Cordless telephone 5 watts for 56 hours
Fluorescent work light 14 watts 20 hours
Laptop computer 40 watts 7 hours
Table lamp 40 watts 7 hours
13" colour TV 60 watts 4.5 hours
3/8" drill 190 watts 50 min

Something I found out that I think is interesting is, if you're looking at power packs and trying to find out which ones are the best you should know that Xantrex is the manufacturer of most of the top brands like Duracell and others you might see in major retailers. They may have different names but most are made by Xantrex!

I've owned power packs like these for over 10 years and the 600HD is the best of them, giving you more AC outlets and better accessories and layout making it a must have item for around the house or camp and I've always found uses for powerboxes. They're even great to keep in the back of the truck just in case, as a powerbox will give you power to use lights and tools in the woods without having to kill your battery in the truck.

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