Integral Tactical Observer Bivi Review

Integral Tactical Observer Bivi ReviewThe Observer Shelter by Integral Tactical is a bivi option that I have been looking at for number of years! Its design is hardcore enough to hold up to hard use and this is just what I was looking for.

If you're looking for a low quality cheap bivi you've come to the wrong place! The Observer bivi is none of that. Integral tactical has pulled out all the stops in creating the observer!

Integral Tactical Observer Bivi ReviewAlmost all bivi shelters these days are just large enough for you and that's it. The Observer is much bigger. It boasts a width of 42" at the head and 30" at the foot (giving you nearly twice the width of most bivi's) and the length is 8.4 feet. You'll have room to move around, room for another person or your packs and gear!



Integral Tactical Observer Bivi ReviewThe height of the Observer is not small either. The head is 30" and the foot 27". For guys like me who find most bivi's claustrophobic, you don't get that here at all!



Integral Tactical Observer Bivi ReviewThis bivi weights 4.75lbs - which most will think 'that's crazy for a bivi', but not when you consider the quality this bivi offers! The reason for the higher weight? This bivi is far more durable than all other bivi's I've seen. Most tents like bivi's have a floor thickness of 70D but the Observer is far thicker. I'm not sure the exact thickness but after comparing it to my other bivi's (which are 70D) its easily twice as thick. The entire body of this bivi is made with the same fabric called Tegraltex. Tegraltex is an integral design exclusive material that's made up of three layers of fabric that allows moisture to escape but as with Gore-Tex, will not allow any water to get in.

Integral Tactical Observer Bivi ReviewThe Tegraltex fabric is made up of three layers: 1.6 oz ripstop nylon, a Teflon Membrane and an inside layer of Nexus Lining. This is why the Observer is far superior to all others tents and because of the Tegraltex fabric, it ensures there's no leaks even in the highest rainfall.
Most tents on the market are made of a thin ripstop and no matter if they cost $20 to $600 they will leak. I have yet to see a tent besides the Observer that doesn't.

Integral Tactical Observer Bivi ReviewThe Observer also comes in a number of colors: Woodland Camo (like the one in this review), ACU- Universal camo and Multicam. The Multicam fabric does cost more - $600 but if you must have Multicam bivi this would be the best one to buy. In fact, there are very few tents that come in Multicam.


Integral Tactical Observer Bivi ReviewThis tent has two doors, which allows you to have both open for maximum ventilation. Even if you don't like the type of bivis that you need to crawl into, you can open the top of the Observer and it will open just like a sleeping bag. An added bonus to having two doors is not only for ventilation but by simply opening the front door, you can use this bivi like a hide. It can even be used as a deer blind or like the name entails an Observer shelter for recon missions!

Integral Tactical Observer Bivi ReviewIntegral Tactical Observer Bivi ReviewFor me, I have to say all the Integral Tactical gear I have used has been fantastic. Integral Tactical delivers 10 times out of 10 and when it comes to quality their products are some of the very best I've used! I would have no problem recommending them, but only if you're the kind of person who wants the very best quality for your money!





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