BLACKHAWK Sling Backpack Review

BLACKHAWK Sling Backpack ReviewI recently found myself looking for a quality EDC pack, These days with cell phones, pens, note pads, tools, keys, iPod. There is not end to the things you need to carry in daily life. I remember a time where your pockets where all you needed but these days one needs a bag to tote around all the gear you use in your life. I wanted something simple in appearance but I wanted

something that would last for a long time. There's a lot of bags out there but many have pockets on the outside that are easily opened on the subway, and in this day and age you do need to be weary of other people and their sticky hands.

BLACKHAWK Sling Backpack ReviewThat's why I like the BLACKHAWK sling pack, it gives you a simple bag that looks like every other sling bag out there, but it has a full panel of MOLLE in case you want it to be more than a sling bag and with the MOLLE you can outfit the exterior of the bag the way you want, you can buy pouches and then just have pockets and gear on the outside that you need.


BLACKHAWK Sling Backpack ReviewOn the front of the bag there's two zippers that both open into one large compartment, this large pocket is ideal for those bigger items you carry that you need to get to quickly such as gloves and clothing. The two full length zippers allow you to access the contents from either side easily no matter if you're left or right handed.



BLACKHAWK Sling Backpack ReviewAt the bottom of the bag along with the inside of the shoulder strap you will find an extremely grippe material that is use to keep the bag from sliding around. This rubber like material is very well suited to this task, it takes very little to ad grip just a small one inch strips and by using less material you cuts down on weight as well, and there's also two large grommets at the bottom of the bag for drainage too.


BLACKHAWK Sling Backpack ReviewThe part of the bag that touches your back is one very cool feature, (excuse the pun) under the material that the back is made from you will find a padding that almost feels like woven fishing line this padding is great for cushioning but it's also extremely porous and allows for heat to escape quickly from your back so you're not sweating to death if you should find yourself carrying this bag all day and it also purges water very quickly so you're not carrying around wet gear if it rains.

BLACKHAWK Sling Backpack ReviewThe strap of the bag is cleverly designed so that it can be carried either right or left and the other strap that is not attached to the shoulder strap acts as the stabilizing strap or as I have done you can quickly tuck it away with the included strap binder. The Shoulder strap is also cover in webbing so you can attach pouches such as a camera or Iphone holder, but I like that they didn't put pockets on this strap and again this allows you to outfit it the way you want.

On the top of the bag you will find two nice features one is a forward facing grab strap that's a much better design for carrying and will not get caught on branches going through the woods. What I think every EDC bag should have is a slot for your Iphone or headphones to go through and this bag has it as well as a full rubber grommet to protect your cables. This is a nice feature because it allows you to use your gear without having to expose it so everyone can see.

The bag opens with a very large opening so you can get just about anything into it and on the inside you will find two paracord loops for attaching keepers for keys or gear, two mesh pockets for small items and one nylon pocket that is ideal for a glasses cases or small bottles of water. I would of like to see more dividers and pockets on the inside for all your small items because this bag is plain on the outside, it would of been great if it had more on the inside or at least I would of like to see a large Velcro pad on the inside of the bag so that you could add accessories or even a pistol attachment.

The bottom line is this bag gave me everything I wanted a simple looking bag that looks similar to hundreds of bag I've seen in the past few months but would allow me to outfit it as I seen fit and two of the best parts is its Mil Spec, so you know with the higher grade of materials and workmanship this bag will last a very long time and it's priced under $100 bucks so it's not going to break the bank either!

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