BLACKHAWK Advanced Tactical Briefcase Review

BLACKHAWK Advanced Tactical Briefcase ReviewThis review is about a product I have been looking to get for awhile now and that is a tactical laptop bag that was large enough to fit my 17 laptop. Yes I know it sounds like a easy task but when you start looking there realy are very few that will fit a 17inch laptop and even fewer that have

the quality that the BlackHawk Advanced Tactical Briefcase has for the money. This bag will run between $99 to $130 depending on where you buy it in Canada or USA but I totally feel it's worth every red cent of that money.

BlackHawk Advanced Tactical BriefcaseFeatures:

1000 denier nylon with waterproof lining
2 hook and loop patches (inside and out) and movable vinyl ID windows
External computer access through waterproof zipper
Hook and loop configurable, padded computer pocket
Three external, easy access pockets for phone, PDA etc.
Robust shoulder strap and carry handle
Rear slot for pull handle access makes this work with all wheeled luggage
Clear map case on inside of outer flap
Five additional well designed interior compartments

BLACKHAWK Advanced Tactical Briefcase ReviewBLACKHAWK Advanced Tactical Briefcase ReviewThe quality fantactic for a tactical laptop bags I have used. From its totally rubberized interior which allows you to carry important documents, books and even tool safe and away form water to its quality padding which is mostly in the laptop part but the document pouch is also padded on the bottom and when the pockets are full and the bag is packed up this supply more than enough padding to carry your laptop safely. When it comes to storage I found the bag to be more than enough to carry all my laptop crap from wires, mouse, tools, knife , flashlight, ipod touch, camera, and a great deal more with no problem and I have much more space to spare you could even use the bag as a day bag easly there is no end of storage.

BLACKHAWK Advanced Tactical Briefcase ReviewBLACKHAWK Advanced Tactical Briefcase ReviewNow the layout of the bag is great everything where you need it starting with the strap made of heavy nylon with metal fitting yes all the clasps are heavy metal which you could even take the strap off and use it as a weapon in a pinch with them heavy metal swivels at each end I am sure you would give an attacker a very hard time swing them around! Also on the top of the bag you will find a very nice grip made of tubular webbing which is very strong hell people use tubular webbing for anchors when rock climbing so you know it's going to hold whatever you put in in the bag!


BLACKHAWK Advanced Tactical Briefcase ReviewBLACKHAWK Advanced Tactical Briefcase ReviewOn the front of the bag there is three pocket two made for cell phones like blackberrys or Iphones and they fit cameras and ipod touches great along with a small pocket for gum and business cards along with 4 metal D-rings and a clear ID slot. This ID slot can be pulled from the Velcro and placed inside of the case incase you don't want it to be seen this also works BLACKHAWK Advanced Tactical Briefcase ReviewBLACKHAWK Advanced Tactical Briefcase Reviewgreat for students who have to show identification all the time or when they are taken the bus they can show it on the bag then rip it off and place it on the Velcro patch on the inside of the flap where the admin pouch is and that brings me to the next part. The admin pouch which can be found under the flap where there is four slots for your pens BLACKHAWK Advanced Tactical Briefcase Reviewor markers along with a outside pocket which I found housed your wallet perfectly. Behind all this you will find a large pocket which is ideal to hold a writing pad and also has a built in key retainer which can be disengaged to get your keys out and just clips back into the pocket when you're done. Under the lid of the bag there is a clear document pocket that is sealed by Velcro which can house maps, itinerary or even a layout of a building or complex you're going to.

BLACKHAWK Advanced Tactical Briefcase Review

BLACKHAWK Advanced Tactical Briefcase ReviewOn the inside of the large main compartment is a mesh pocket with a zipper which I have found is best for them valuables you don't want lost in order to get to this pocket you would have to totally open the bag up to get at it so there's no worry about people sticking their hands into your bag and taking your goodies. On both left and right of the bag on the outside is three pockets one side is mesh for bottles and items like that and one thing I need to point out is these mesh pockets have very strong elastics at the top unlike other bags I have seen where your stuff just falls out after a week or two of use. The other side is the same but with cloth not mesh.



BLACKHAWK Advanced Tactical Briefcase ReviewBLACKHAWK Advanced Tactical Briefcase ReviewOn the back I have to point out that the bag is made for a 15 inch laptop because it has a vault like pocket in the back of the bag that has been lined with Velcro and dividers to secure your laptop so it will not be damaged along with very thick padding and even a water proof zipper which I haven't seen in any tactical laptop bag. But if you're a 17 incher like me don't fret you can carry the laptop very easy and safe in the document section its padded in the bottom and like I said before with the bag packed up your laptop is total padded all the way around. The document section doesn't zip up but I have taken this bag on a trip from New Brunswick to Ontario and never have I had anything get lost or fall out or get wet so I am 100% sure your laptop will be safe because let's face it if it wasn't safe I wouldn't do it!

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