DAJO Adventure Trailmate Lumbar Pack Review

DAJO Adventure Trailmate Lumbar Pack ReviewGoing out you door is always an adventure. Going for a hour or to the deepest depths of the back country you need solid equipment to make the trip easier. This lumbar pack is the answer to what you should wear


* 350+ cubic inches of storage
* Two 750ml stainless steel water bottles
* Available in green, red, or blue

DAJO Adventure Trailmate Lumbar Pack ReviewIt's small enough to get through the tangled and tight bush or the deep woods. But don't let the size fool you. It can still pack a pile of gear. It's a really great K.I.S.S type of pack. Its smaller size keeps you from dragging un-necessary equipment along for the trip.

The main compartments make up the pack with 2 bottle holders. Each pocket has sub pockets of mesh inside to keep smaller items at fingers reach. In the main compartment there's enough room for a good snack, a camera and a first-aid kit. There are 2 mesh packets inside to keep important stuff where it needs to be. There is a budgie style lacing on the outside that you can tighten to keep everything in its place. No one likes to have floppy gear now do they! The 2 side pockets are large enough for dry socks, a bandanna your hat, anything fist sized would fit in them easily. Like the main compartment it has the mesh pockets at the back for small stuff.

DAJO Adventure Trailmate Lumbar Pack ReviewThe whole rig abounds with attachment points for various things. There is 2 pockets for water bottles. You need not worry about what to put in them either cause this pack comes standard with 2 really great stainless steel bottles as well .The lids have clasps to attach to the budgie tie downs that hold them in place just in case the trail gets rough. A shoulder strap also comes with the pack in case you want to wear it as a shoulder bag. The strap is fully adjustable and has a shoulder pad as well.

If you want a comfortable, easy to use, versatile pack for a good day on the trail or a longer trip to the depths of the unknown then this is you pack.

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