Explorer Cases Model 5822 Review

Explorer Cases Model 5822 ReviewThe explorer cases are a manufacture that produces high quality transport and protection cases for them very expensive items you own. The model we are reviewing is the 5822 is a midsize model of many they make anywhere form very small all the way up to models like the 10840 which from the documents I have is the biggest one on the market.

Many people go out and by photo cameras, video cameras and electronics that cost in the thousands of dollars but one thing they very seldom think of is how to protect that investment. Some go out and buy camera bags but no camera bag is as good or will protect your gear like these cases will.

Explorer Cases Model 5822 ReviewThe cases are made from a high quality thick Plastic resin and sealed with neoprene o-rings and for people who don't know neoprene is the same material use in wet suits and dive gear. These cases are water proof and no water can get in but some may ask what happens when they are left out in the sun and like all plastic cases the air tends to heat up and the case expands and can even explode but these cases don't do that because of their pressure release valve which works like a one way valve allowing air to get out but still keeps any water or dirt from getting in because of a filter seal which allows for the equalization of air but still keeps out anything else. These cases are designed to withstand whatever you can throw at them well still being waterproof, dustproof, and crushproof.

Explorer Cases Model 5822 ReviewThese explorer cases have a feature I have not seen on any case yet and that's an insert for your name and address. One of my main complaints with inserts like this is anyone can just pull or rip them off. But not the explorer case. They have made there's so that when the case is closed and locked there is no way to get the insert out. The lip of the case covers the slot and the only way you can get the insert out is to open the case one of my favorite things about these cases and if you're traveling a must have!

Explorer Cases Model 5822 ReviewOver the years I have used a number of these cases and these explorer ones have some features most don't and for me the big one is they can be stacked. Others I have used when places on top of one another they would slide around like blocks of ice. Not that they would break or anything in them would but if you had them on top of a truck and went over a bump and they slid off. Sure the case would be safe as well as the contents but by the time you noticed it was gone you could be miles away so being able to stack them securely Is a must and these cases can be stacked even if there different sizes which is also a added bonus! Another feature I really like is the larger models come with pullout handles as well as wheels which are a must when it comes to large cases. Now the case may not be heavy but once there fill up they can weight quite a bit.

Explorer Cases Model 5822 ReviewThere are so many bonuses to having a case like this and you will find yourself loving them. But the only down side to these storage case is the cost which some many think of is high but when your toting around gear that runs into the 5 to 10 thousands dollar range a $300.00 cases doesn't seem that much when you look at the price of replacing all that gear.

Explorer Cases Model 5822 ReviewThe explore company is a manufacture who is producing the largest Waterproof case on the market so even if you have tool or items that you can't find a case for anywhere I'm sure they will have one for you. The new very large cases they are making are over 40LB and over 42 inches long so you can fit even a fully assembled AR15 rifle easily and then you have yourself a mobile gun rack!

Now for the accessories that you can get for these cases which are vast. There are full bag inserts, panels as well as a great deal of electronic components and systems. The accessory that caught my eye was a backpack attachment many people who buy these cases buy them for protecting camera gear and sometimes the things you're going to take photos of are not close to the truck so you need to lug the case. But Explorer has thought of this and has the solution a backpack attachment that can strap to models such as this and all you do is carry it like a normal backpack with two straps a great accessory for them long halls! You can get most of the models in many colors like Army green, Tan, Orange, Black, and they come also with or without foam inserts.

Some ask me why do you need a case that is so hardcore don't you take care of your gear? Well I do but when you transporting gear not everyone treats your gear like you do and for example when I was moving from Calgary to Saint John I shipped my 1500.00 dollar mountain bike by plane so it would be safe and as they were unloading it one guy took the box and threw it 20 feet thru the air onto a conveyer belt thinking that no one was watching. This is just one case where this happened and imagine if that was your $8000.00 dollar new digital HD video camera wouldn't it be best if you had a Explorer case so you didn't have to worry about it!

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