Maxpedition TRIAD Admin Pouch Review

Maxpedition TRIAD Admin Pouch ReviewThe TRIAD admin pouch is going to be your biggest bang for your buck for the simple fact that it retails for $37 but has the equivalent of four other pouches combined if you were to buy the four pouches separately it would cost you close to $100 for the same pouches and would take up twice the space on your pack. This pouch will not only save you money but save you space that would normally be used up for the same items.

Maxpedition TRIAD Admin Pouch ReviewThe triad by Maxpedition gives you four pouches one is a flashlight or multitool pouch the next is there a barnacle pouch that is ideal for small cameras and PDAs or cell phones I use this one for my camera because it fits perfectly and the inside of the pouch is designed with soft felt like material that protects the camera from scratches.


Maxpedition TRIAD Admin Pouch ReviewMaxpedition TRIAD Admin Pouch ReviewOn the outside of barnacle pouch there is a pocket for small batteries or memory cards. The next pouch is cell phone or radio holder and that's what I use it for is housing my FRS radio if I feel the need to carry it. On the back of the three pouches is an admin pouch which can be used for papers and pens or quick items that you need to get to I use mine for small items like pocketknives or other small tools I feel the need to care carry. It goes without saying that the pouch is very well designed like all Maxpedition gear but because it's four pouches in one and has such a small footprint it allows you to carry and organize gear very easily and keep it accessible on the outside of your pack.

Maxpedition TRIAD Admin Pouch ReviewMaxpedition TRIAD Admin Pouch ReviewThe pouch are held on by MOLLE clips which are the standard fastener for this kind of gear. This allows you to clip it either to a backpack or belt or any other MOLLE compatible or PAL compatible gear which makes these accessories very versatile for any use. Why I like my Maxpedition gear so much is the fact that it's so versatile that you can use it for either your main pack or it can be removed and put onto a day pack or even a belt allowing you to have a few pieces of kit but change up the configuration depending on your needs for that day.

Maxpedition TRIAD Admin Pouch ReviewSo if you're looking for versatility these pouches are going to give you the maximum organization for the least amount of money and footprint on your pack this would be an item to check out I have not seen any other pouches that give you so many great features for so little money and in this economy everyone loves to save a little money.


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