Maxpedition Volta Battery Case Review

Maxpedition Volta Battery Case ReviewThis little pouch is one of the most useful pouches from Maxpedition. If you use electronics like cameras and anything that takes batteries you will love this little pouch. The pouch has a full molle system on the back which allows you to atach it to any Molle

or Pal system pack or almost any other Maxpedition product. Because this pouch can be placed on the out side of your pack or bag it makes it great for getting your batteries in a hurry or in the dark.

Maxpedition Volta Battery Case ReviewI have found my self many times out in the woods fishing and decided to stay a extra couple of hours to fish and walk out in the dark only to find that my flashlight batteries were dead. I'm sure you know what a pain it is to find batteries in the dark when they almost always end up in the very bottom of your pack. This is where a little pouch like this comes in handy keeping your batteries in one place on the out side of your pack and makes it easy to get to them even blindfolded.

Maxpedition Volta Battery Case ReviewMaxpedition Volta Battery Case ReviewThe pouch has a battery holder in side of it that will hold 8 batteries and is designed so that it will hold AA AAA or even A123 batteries so you can take an assortment of batteries on your trip.