Maxpedition MPB Review

Maxpedition MPB ReviewThe maxpedition MPB or Multi purpose bag is one of the best tactical bags on the market in my opinion because of its unassuming look. It can be passed off as any old attaché case or laptop bag. This bag is fully padded to protect all your

Maxpedition MPB Reviewelectronics and gadgets. One of the main features I really found useful is the flat sides which hide all the pockets on the sides of the case. But with a quick zip you have access to all your gear and small gadgets.

Maxpedition MPB ReviewMaxpedition MPB ReviewOther very nice feature is the great carrying strap 90% of the bags I have use or seen all have very poor straps but not this bag. The strap is covered with a very well padded shoulder pad and will not cut into your neck when you're carrying heavyloads like most packs will. The bag can be use for many operations or outings and can be On the inside of the case there are two side pockets and a Velcro divider that has full Velcro on one site and on the other is two pockets for papers or small items. The Velcro on this divider will allow you to attach any hand gun but this pad I Maxpedition MPB ReviewMaxpedition MPB Reviewhave found it to be great for use as a writing pad because it's very stiff. On one of the sides there is a pouch for your IDs and just under that is a great little pocket that will house four pens.ideal as a laptop case. What I am using it for is to house all my electronics so that I can take them to any outing because of all the small pockets and pouches its very well suited to this application and has room for just about all my electronics.





maxpedition MPB (6)Maxpedition MPB ReviewThis bag would make an ideal case for school or office and after you use it you will see as I have that its indispensable to you. On one side of the bag there are two small loops for carrying maps for large flashlights these can be resized to small or larger items depending on what you need to carry.



Maxpedition MPB ReviewMaxpedition MPB ReviewOne last thing I would like to point out is, this bag can be found at the link blow at almost 40 buck cheaper then any other site I've seen so check it out!