Spec-Ops Brand Pack Rat Review

Spec-Ops Brand Pack Rat ReviewI have been looking into getting an organizer to keep all those small items you carry in your pack in check. Constantly I find myself trying to find items that have fall into the bottom of the pack and when it comes to large packs like your camping or hiking packs you find yourself having to take most of the gear out to get at them.

Spec-Ops Brand Pack Rat ReviewSpec-Ops Brand Pack Rat ReviewThat's where the packrat comes in handy spec ops has designed a small pouch size enclosure that not only keeps the small items in one place but keep some organized. The packrat is designed with 1000 denier fabric on the outside and the inside it's broken up into little dividers made from heavy pack cloth nylon. The interior pack cloth is a bright orange yellow that can be seen even in lowlight which ensures that you can find the items even if you're in total darkness.

Spec-Ops Brand Pack Rat ReviewSpec-Ops Brand Pack Rat ReviewAlthough they say on their website that the pack is 2 inches deep I can easily fit four inches worth of gear in the bag and still zip it up so there is a lot of room for them larger items. On the inside there is 14 separate storage compartments including a small compartment that could be used for credit cards, bank cards or ID cards. Along with the dividers on the inside there's a 12 inch long leash that can be used to hold your keys or them items you use all the time like fire steel or a knife. Spec ops has design this leash so you can use in the pack or you can pull out the leash and still completely zip up the pack 123 011while leaving the leash exposed so you can use it without opening up the pack. The main compartment is designed so it can be opened most of the way but still keeps any items from falling out. The little pocket at the bottom ensures that the small items that do become loose stay in the pack and don't fall all over the place.





Spec-Ops Brand Pack Rat ReviewEven thought the little pack is only 10" x 8" it can hold a multitude of items in fact I have pretty much every item that I carry in my bug out bag in this small little pack and it still zips up perfectly. On the exterior of the pack their two sleeves one sleeve for books and small writing pads and the other is mesh with a Velcro closure.



Spec-Ops Brand Pack Rat ReviewThe pack itself has three handles one on the top and one on each side so it can be used as a handbag or utilizing the two D-rings on each side you can add a shoulder strap and carrying the bag by itself without any other bags. Even though the packrat was designed as an organizer its uses don't stop there it can be easily used as a medic bag, toiletries bag, or even as a mini bug out bag all by itself.

The Spec Ops Brand Pack RatThe spec's packrat is definitely a must-have for any pack or bag where there're very few dividers or slots for your gear this insert can be dropped into nearly any bug out bag or ruck giving you instant storage that not only holds many other small items like batteries but keeps them in a small bag that can be pulled out at a moment's notice giving you full access to them tiny pieces of gear that would normally find their way to the very bottom of your bag saving you time and effort not having to dig for 20 minutes to get the items you need then repack your bag each time so you can see how it's worth its weight in gold.

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